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Looking for a way to transfer all contents on your Android phones to computer for backup? Want to manage your Android messages, contacts, apps, etc. on computer instead of your mobile phone... No matter what is your demands, you can find the ideal solution in this Android backup topic center.

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What is the simplest way to transfer and backup contacts from Android cell phones to computer? Here is an ideal solution for your reference.

Backing up your contacts list from HTC phones to computer is a good way to avoid data losing. So here is a detailed guide to show you how to transfer contacts from HTC Desire/One/Sensation, etc. to PC easily.

This is a step-by-step guide, teaching you the simplest way to print off all your text conversation from your Samsung mobile phones to paper for cherishing forever.

As we have no access to HTC texts, reading this page, you can get the best program to help you print HTC SMS messages with two steps.

As LG is so popular among students and white-collars, I'd like to show you how to print SMS messages out from a LG phone in this page.

I want to print out SMS messages from my Motorola phone, but I failed to copy them to my computer. Do you have any good idea to help me solve this kind of problem?

As you know that text messages are stored on the internal memory of your phone, and we have no access to it unless we turn to a third-party program for help. In this page, you will find the best assistant program.

Contacts must be the most important information on our Android phones. In case of losing them accidentally, this page will help you transfer contacts from Motorola phone to computer for keeping backups.

With this Android manager program, you can directly read all SMS messages on PC. Moreover, you're able to copy text messages to computer, so that you can keep them for more uses.

So many factors may lead to the loss of text messages. And the best way to reduce the loss is to keep backups before losing them. This page will provide you the best program to backup SMS from Sony Ericsson to PC.

In this article, you will get the best assistant program to help you transfer text messages from Android devices to computer. With it, you can copy SMS to PC from any Android phone.

As you know, you can't copy any text message from LG phone to PC unless you turn to a third-party program for help. Luckily, you'll get the best program to export SMS from LG to computer in this page.