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How to Transfer Text Messages from Samsung Galaxy to Computer?

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My cousin Daniel has once damaged his SIM card which caused a great loss of data, making him suffer a great deal, because he has stored plenty of conversations with his girlfriend and some important business information within the messages. He was terribly worried that the precious conversations would forever be gone, and he would lose his business with some clients. How he wished he had backed the text messages up or had them stored in other places. Is it any way to find these messages back on his Samsung Phones?

Mainly including the S series of high-end Android-based smart phones and the Note series of Android portable tablets, Samsung Galaxy cell phones with big high-definition screens have received extensive coverage and have been selling like hot cakes throughout the world. With new generations of Samsung Galaxy products released each year, there are an increasing number of special and useful functions developed, such as the mini diary function, the mobile navigation function along with the S pen's screenshot function, the S memo, a variety of sensors, the eye rolling function as well as the smart pause.

Reasons for Transferring SMS Messages from Samsung Galaxy to PC
Being a Samsung Galaxy user, you must have numerous data from various sources stored on your device. Have you ever sync or transferred any of the data like contacts, pictures, videos or music to a computer for backup or to spare more space for your phone? How you tried to back up your Samsung text messages? In some situations, you might have mistakenly pressed the delete button and erased your text messages. Or you might have lost the phone, broken the device by unintentionally dropping it to the ground and thus lost the data.

Have you come across such data loss situations or do you want to sync your text messages elsewhere because they have taken up too much of your phone or card space? The best solution is transferring them to a computer. The text messages can either be stored in the ROM of a phone or a SIM or SD card, depending on the default setting of the device and your preference. As for the former, when you reinstall the system, the data can get erased. As for the latter, when you format the card accidentally or have it corrupted or lost, you may lose files. As a result, a third place, the computer, will be a great choice to safely store your data. By transferring your text messages to the computer, you'll no longer have to worry about accidental deletion or loss, or you can make more space for other data on your phone.

How to Copy, Save Samsung Galaxy SMS Messages on Your Personal PC?

Amacsoft Android Manager is a risk-free and powerful tool that can assist you in transferring text messages from your Samsung Galaxy phone to the computer in an instant. It's also applicable to other makes and models of Android cell phones, and can transfer data of other types, such as contacts, photos, videos, music or files downloaded on the phone as well. Convenient and useful as it is, it can definitely get you out of trouble and help you make backups of your significant data on a computer. Just let it lend you a hand with the transference!

Firstly, let's have a look at the primary window of this powerful program:

Step 1. Get Your Samsung Galaxy Device Connected and Enable USB Debugging

Directly connect your Samsung Galaxy S2/3/4 or Galaxy Note 2/3 to the computer, then launch the Samsung Message Manager software. If your mobile phone is firstly connected to the program, you're required to enable the USB debugging. You can follow the instructions on the main interface to open the USB debugging.

Step 2. Scan & Preview Text Messages before Exporting

When you have finished the above step, you'll see the primary interface on your computer. It will show you some detailed information about your device, such as model, system, storage, power, etc. Click "Contacts" option on the top of the panel, and go to "SMS" category, then you can view the whole text conversation as you like.

Step 3. Backup What You Want on Your Computer

The SMS category is divided into three folders: All SMS, Inbox and Outbox. You can go to these folders and select all messages you want to on the program, then click "Backup" button to save these messages as CSV format on your computer.

Now, you can open the CSV file and view your Samsung text conversation on your computer easily. And you're also enabled to sync the file to other Android mobile phones by using this powerful manager software as you like.

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