Amacsoft Android Manager

Manage EVERYTHING on Your Android Devices

To keep the data on your Android device more safer and organize these data more effectively, you need to use a practical Android Assistant to help you manage files on Android phones and tablets. Thus, Amacsoft Android Manager comes here to perform as your personal privacy phone manager.

  • Be able to backup all contents on your Android devices to computer with zero quality loss.
  • Add, delete, edit contacts on the program arbitrarily.
  • Organize and send messages to anyone you want on computer as you like.
  • Install/uninstall, export Android apps on PC.

Supported OS: Windows 10/8/7/Vista, XP. Go to Android Manager for Mac >>>

Version 5.1.4 Download Security
$59.95 Only $39.95 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
User Review
  • Cool app! I have used this app for a couple of days and it really useful to manage data on my Samsung phones. Thanks!
    -- Leo
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  • I'm totally satisfied with the performance of this app. I have used it to backup contacts list to PC. Useful!
    -- Alice
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  • I can honestly say this program is much better than any other management software out there. Now i have recommended this app to all my friends.
    -- Jimmy
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Why Choose Amacsoft Android Manager?

Tired of randomly losing stuff from your phone? Want to free up more space on your internal storage space but don't want to delete any data? You can do it with this Amacsoft Android Manager. With it, you can transfer everything from your Android devices to your personal computer for backup. And you can also edit, add, delete, or do more other things on your Android data, like text messages, contacts, photos, music, books, etc. without hassle.

Backup & Restore Android in One Click

The newly added 1-Click Backup & Restore feature allows you to easily and quickly backup Android device in one click, as well as restore backup data to Android device as needed and wanted. It makes Android backup and restore a piece of cake.

* Effortlessly Backup Android files. With it, you are able to easily back up any file folders on Android. Also, backing up all file folders of your Android device is just a matter of one click.
* Restore backup to Android device. Want to restore the backup data to your device due to various reasons? This new feature enables you to not only restore the whole backup, but also part of the backup data to your Android device at ease.

Export EVERYTHING from Your Android Devices to PC

There are so many situations that you may need to transfer and backup Android data on computer, such as copy files to avoid losing data accidentally, save the backup files as forever memories, free up more storage space and so on. No matter what is your purposes of backing up your Android contents, you can do it with this Amacsoft program.

* Drag-and-drop any files like music, photos, books, etc. to and from your Android devices (including mobile phones and tablet PC) to computer by simply plug-in your USB cable;
* Import the backup files to your Android phone again without any restrictions when you've in trouble of data losing. The backup files is generated by this program can directly sync into your device, and can be used immediately.
* Connect any Android devices to desktop PC wirelessly or via USB cable as you like. For connecting wirelessly, you need to download Android Manager app file on your device.

Transfer & Edit Your Contacts on Computer Freely

Perhaps every phone will save hundreds of contacts after using a period of time. And it is undeniable that contacts list is one of the most important data on your Android phones. Thus, Amacsoft have spent lots of efforts on this area, and finally release this Android Manager with the powerful contacts managing function.

* One-click to backup the whole contacts info to computer. Of course, you're also enabled to export specific contacts to PC for backup as you like.
* All the exported contacts will be saved as CSV format. So that you can directly load the exported contacts backup to any other phone you will use for saving your time.
* Allows users to add new contact, delete unnecessary or duplicate contacts, or edit contacts info on the computer directly.

Prominent Desktop SMS Assistant

Texting functions is one of the most widely used communicating method. Unlike making a call, messages can be used in any noisy situations without disturbing. And you also can make the text conversation become a privacy at your own will. Under this situation, you may want to find a tool to help you manage all kinds of SMS messages on your Android phone, right? Don't worry, here it is!

* Mass Texting Function - You can directly send the same messages to multiple people on the program at one time.
* Import & Export Messages - Transfer any messages you want to computer with one click and you can import these exported messages to any other phone without limitation.

Install/Uninstall, and Organize Your Apps

As a smart phone, Android phone allows users to download and install various apps on their mobile phone to enrich their digital life. So do you want to find a tool to organize all your apps more effectively? If so, just try this program.

* Download, Install and Uninstall Apps - You can directly download free apps from computer easily, and install all your favorite apps to your device or delete any unnecessary apps on the computer directly.
* Backup Apps - One-click to export apps to PC for backup selectively or in a batch.

More Features

Easy to Use All operations of this program can be finished in seconds.
Free Upgrade All software will be upgraded irregularly. Register users can enjoy the free life-time upgrade service.
Technical Support You're welcomed to contact the support team to get more technical tips.