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How to Manage Android Contacts on Computer( Windows 7/8/XP)

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Nowadays, mobile phone has become an indispensable communicating tool in our daily life. Meanwhile, the key to ensure smooth communications is the contacts list on our phones. Contacts list must be the last file we can lose from our mobile phones, as we can hardly connect with anybody without contacts unless you are able to remember all phone numbers. There is no need to emphasize too much the importance of our phone contacts, which is known to all. Here I'd like to share some information about managing and viewing Android contacts on computer with all of you.

Why We Need Manage or Read Android Contacts on PC?

Do you own an Android phone? Since 2010, Android has become the largest smartphone operating system in the world, and now it has been used by several leading handset makers, like Samsung, LG, Sony, Motorola, HTC, etc. As you can see, each brand mentioned here has great market share, then you'll know how competitive the Android phones are. As they enjoy such great popularity, and have become a quite important part of our lives, people will demand more about Android phone features, and intend to find easier ways to manage them.

Take the contacts as an example, since computer and Android phone are the two most commonly used electronic products, more and more people try to manage and view Android contacts on PC. Just so you know, it is more convenient to control files on computer than a mobile phone, and operations on computer can also help reduce the risk of errors due to manual correction on an Android phone, as we will have better viewing of all details of contacts list. What's more, once we are able to read contacts on PC, they are more likely to be taken for more usages, especially when we are surfing the internet and want to copy and share information online.

In addition to the above factors, most Android phone users have a need to manage and read contacts on computer in many cases. However, it seems not so easy to achieve. Generally speaking, we have no access to the internal memory or SIM card of our Android phones, where we store our contacts. In this situation, the best choice is to turn to a third-party program for help. If you hate those tedious processes, I recommend you try this Amacsoft Android Contacts Manager. With this assistant program, you can achieve to read contacts within several simple steps, and freely add, delete or edit them on PC as you want. The following is a free trial version for you, you can download it and have a try by yourself.

Simple Guide to Control Android Contacts on Computer

Step 1. Launch the Program and Connect Android Phone to PC

To begin with, install and open this program on your computer. Then link your Android device to PC via a USB cable. Wait for a second, this program will remind you to enable USB debugging on your mobile phone( as shown), so that it will be able to detect your device successfully, and then install USB driver on PC. By the way, you need finish this process just for once, next time when you run this program, it will detect your phone automatically.

After the above process, this program will scan your phone data, and then you will get an interface as follows.

Step 2. View and Manage Android Contacts on PC

In this step, you should enter the "Contacts" folder first. Then you can read the whole contacts with name, number, and so on. Now you are able to add, delete, edit your contacts as you need. Moreover, you can copy all contacts to computer by pressing the "Backup" button, so that you can keep them for further usages.

Write in the End

According to above instructions, you can see that the Amacsoft Android Contacts Manager is very easy to operate on your computer. With only several clicks, you can achieve to read and control your contacts on PC without any limitation. One thing to note is that this program can be perfectly compatible with all Android products, no matter you use a HTC, LG, Samsung or Motorola device, you can work it well on your computer( Windows 7/8/XP).

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