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How to Transfer Contacts from Motorola Mobile Phones to Computer?

Dec 20,2013 11:27 am / Posted by to Android Backup Topic
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Various Factors May Lead to the Loss of Contacts

Since Motorola devices are loved by millions of people, they are expected to possess functions in terms of every respect. Of all the aspects, the most fundamental one is the precondition for getting in touch with others, which refers to the contacts. So as to prevent the data from being lost under the circumstances where the existing languages, images, videos, ringtones, software or system are replaced, mobile phone is restored to its original state, the phone, SIM card or the SD card is formatted or damaged accidentally, the device is stolen or infected with viruses, the data are deleted by mistake or absent-mindedly, or the battery drops out while the phone is on, you should prepare backups for them. Transferring them to the computer is one of the ways. In spite of the fact that there're quite a lot of tools assisting users in recovering erased or lost data, it's far better to make copies or remove them to a safer place beforehand, in case they cannot be restored completely. As the phones themselves don't offer such functions, a third-party software that provides a key to this problem will come in handy.

Why We Need a Motorola Contacts Manager Program

Every time when contacts are added, there're two locations available for storing. One is the device itself, and the other is the SIM card. If the device is the default storage space, the contacts are saved on its internal phone memory, implying that without the SIM card, the numbers will still remain on your phone, but if you use a new phone, they won't be shown on the new device. If the contacts are kept inside the SIM card, they are removable with the card, meaning as you substitute your old phone with a new one, they'll appear on the new one when the card is inserted. However, neither of the locations is safe enough, for they're exposed to damage, unless you transfer the data to a third one.

This ideal solution can be achieved by Amacsoft Android Manager, a risk-free and easy-to-use software that can remove your contacts to the computer from your Motorola phone in the blink of an eye. This tool suits all models of cell phones utilizing the Android system, and enables users to transfer various kinds of data either for backing up or printing out as well. Want an effective means to easily manage your data? Amacsoft Android Manager is the best option!

3 Simple Clicks to Copy Contacts from Motorola to PC

Step 1. Connect Your Device to Computer

First of all, link your Motorola to computer via a USB cable. As the fact that this program is compatible with all Android mobile phones, you can also connect other devices with PC if you have a LG, HTC or any other Android phone, and then work this program.

Step 2. Run this Program and Detect Your Android Phone

Open this program with double click. And it is not able to recognize your device unless you enable USB debugging at first. So in order to operate this program smoothly, you'd better act as the following instructions. Meanwhile, you need make some settings and install USB driver on your phone to finish this process. Keep in mind that this step is vital, if you make wrong settings, this program won't work properly on your PC. In addition, you just need take this step for once, as this program will identify your device directly next time.

After above process, this program can automatically detect your mobile phone, so that you can preview the whole data of your device on the main interface.

Step 3. Transfer Motorola Contacts to PC

All folders of your Android phone are displayed on the top panel. Click the "Contacts" option, you can scan your contacts with full info, including name, number, message, etc. And there are some choice boxes available for you, you can choose to transfer all contacts or just some of them. At last, hit the "Backup" option, you will achieve to export all contacts to computer within several seconds.

After keeping backups on your PC, you can view or edit contacts as you like, and copy them to other devices as well. As you can see, this Amacsoft Motorola Manager is indeed powerful and helpful, you should never miss it!

Brief Introduction of Motorola

The "Hello, Moto" ringtone is familiar to numerous people all around the globe, and its creator, Motorola, has been a household name in the telecommunications industry for almost a century. Ranked fourth in the world and as the second largest smart phone manufacturer in China's market, Motorola was not only the producer of the first touch-screen smart phone, but also the first smart phone using the Android operating system. Motorola smart phones are a major part of the products developed by this American IT giant, covering a relatively large proportion of its cell phone business.

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