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Transfer Text Messages from HTC Phones to Computer( Windows/Mac)

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As you know, SMS is the basic function of a mobile phone, and we are used to send text messages on many occasions. For example, we often send blessing messages to families, friends or colleagues during the festivals; when we are not available for calls, like during a meeting, we can send a message to make an explanation; if we need to inform many people of the same thing, texting will be both convenient and effective; and if you are passionately in love with a good girl, you two must text a lot every day. Apart from these situations, sending SMS messages plays a vital role in daily communications.

When Do We Need to Export SMS to Computer?

How many text messages do you send and receive on average each day? And each week? Do you have a habit of cleaning your inbox and outbox irregularly? Well, you must have saved some significant messages on your HTC phone. As time passes by, you will find that a growing number of texts are being stored on your HTC device. If your phone memory has reached its limit someday, you will not be able to receive new SMS messages unless you delete the old ones. Without doubt, there are some text message conversations that you want to keep forever. So what will you do with those texts to free space for new messages? You must be in a dilemma then. How about exporting them to computer and keeping a backup? So that it will be no loss to delete text messages from your HTC, and you will be able to read your old texts whenever you want. In addition, as we may lose text messages under some unexpected circumstances, with these backup files, you could be free of suffering the loss. All things considered, transferring SMS messages from HTC to computer is quite necessary and significant.

While, the thing is, how can we achieve this? It is known to all that text messages are saved on the internal memory of our cell phones, which means we have no access to SMS on computer, let alone backup them. In this situation, you just need a third-party program to be your assistant. And when it comes to an assistant program, you can't miss this Amacsoft Android Manager. With it, you can copy the whole text messages from HTC to computer completely within several minutes. This is a powerful program, and you should try it by yourself. There is a free trial version for you, and you can follow the steps to finish backing up text messages to PC.

Guide: How to Save Text Messages from HTC One/Desire/Butterfly to PC

Step 1. Connect Your HTC Phone to PC and Open this Program

First of all, connect your HTC device to computer via a USB cable, and launch this program on your computer with double click. If your HTC can be detected and scanned by this program successfully, you will get an interface as shown. While, if you run this program for the first time, you should enable USB debugging on your mobile phone first. Here you can skip to the next step to finish this process.

Step 2. Enable USB Debugging and Install USB Driver

In order to get your HTC detected, you can follow the instructions shown on the picture to enable USB debugging on your device. After that, please press "USB debugging opened", then this program will automatically install USB driver on your computer. Wait for a while, it will scan your phone data soon. And you will get a menu with detailed phone data( pictured above).

Step 3. Preview Text Message Conversations and Start to Transfer Selectively

Click "Contacts" on the upper right corner, you can preview all contacts and SMS on your phone. And then touch "All SMS", you will be able to read all text message conversations with the whole contents, sender, date, time, etc. Now you can pick out those important messages and hit "Backup", and you will achieve to backup all text messages a few seconds later.

Write in the End:

According to the above introduction, you can see that this Amacsoft Android Manager can help you easily export SMS from HTC phone to computer with several clicks. Moreover, this program has much more features, such as help directly send messages to anyone on computer, freely manage contacts on PC, install or uninstall apps as you want, and so on. How about this assistant program? It's totally powerful, right? So don't hesitate to download one and give it a try.

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