Amacsoft Android Manager for Mac

Totally Control Android Phones/Tablets on Mac OS X

Amacsoft Android Manager for Mac is an assistant program to help Android users completely manage their Android smart phone or tablet PC on Mac computer. Meanwhile, this software won't do any harm to your Android device or Mac computer. And you needn't worry about the security of your privacy, neither.

  • Easily transfer media files between Android device and Mac computer.
  • Backup text messages and contacts to Mac OS X with ease.
  • Add, delete or modify files, send SMS messages to others on Mac within clicks.
  • Repair the potential breakdown bugs, the problem of refresh and cancel and not being able to export contacts containing special characters to VCF format.

Supported OS: Mac OS X 10.6-10.9 or above. Go to Android Manager >>>

Version 3.1.147 Download Security
Only $ 39.95 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
User Review
  • This Android Manager for Mac is a great backup assistant. It helped me backup all text messages and contacts on my Samsung Galaxy S3 to Mac without losing any info.
    -- David
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  • This software is very practical. Next time when I need to backup files, it is still my first choice.
    -- Claire
    1 2 3 4 5
  • It can help directly download, install and uninstall apps on computer. That's very convenient.
    -- Sophia
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Why Choose This Program?

This Amacsoft Android Manager for Mac is very functional and practical. With it, you can not only backup everything on your Android device to Mac computer, but also manage files at will. For example, if you are going to backup contacts, you can work this software to achieve that. Meanwhile, you are allowed to directly add, edit or delete contacts on Mac OS X. In addition, this program provides you with a search box, which can help find the targeted phone numbers in a short time.

Share Media Files Between Android Phone and Mac

After working this Amacsoft Android Manager for Mac on your computer, you will see that all media files, like photos, music, eBooks, videos, etc, are arranged on the main menu.

* Export Media Files to Mac - It only takes a few clicks to export all photos, music or videos to Mac OS X. And you can search photos by date. If you like shooting family videos with your Android mobile phone, this program can help you backup them to PC or share with others.
* Import from Mac to Android Device - After downloading some photos or movies on Mac, you can operate this software to import them to your Android mobile phone with a few clicks.

Copy Android SMS & Contacts to Mac as a Backup

Data losses always happen without warning. Then you can't miss this Amacsoft Android Manager for Mac, which can also act as backup assistant to help transfer vital data on your Android device to Mac computer as a backup.

* Every detail of your text message conversations and contacts can be scanned and listed on the main interface. By running this program, you can backup the whole content without loss. Plus, you can delete the contacts as many as you want.
* Your exported contacts will be saved to Mac computer as CSV format or VCF and HTML formats. Then you can take them for further usages whenever you want.

Manage Android Files as Needed

This Amacsoft Android Manager for Mac is pretty functional. After launching it on Mac, you will see several options on the menu are available.

* You are able to preview all files of your Android smart phone or tablet PC on Mac computer. Then you can edit, add or delete them as you like.

Work as SMS Assistant

After previewing all text messages and contacts of your Android phone on Mac, this Amacsoft Android Manager for Mac can help you directly send messages to others as well.

* With it, you can text to any phone number on your contacts list. Thus, if you need to send SMS messages from Android phone/tablets to Android or iPhone on Mac computer, this SMS assistant must be your best choice. And the messages can be exported and saved as HTML and TXT formats.
* If you want to send the same message to multiple people simultaneously, this software can help you achieve that within seconds.

More Features

Standalone Program You have no need to work other programs as assistant to help manage your Android devices.
Easy to Use This software has a clean interface, and you can complete all operations within clicks.
Technical Support You're welcomed to contact the support team to get more technical tips.