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How to Transfer or Backup Android Contacts to Computer/PC?

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From my personal experience, when I replaced my old Samsung Galaxy phone with the latest one, the top priority was to transfer my contacts from the used device to the new one through the SIM card. In this case, the SIM card appeared to be the only place that stored my contacts. Unfortunately, I got the card formatted later by mistake and lost the data, which drove me mad by cutting me off from my friends, relatives and customers. Provided that there was another place, such as a computer, to safely keep my phone book or store a backup, I wouldn't have been caught in the trap.

While iOS is a mobile operating system specially developed for and exclusively utilized by Apple products, Android is one designed principally for touch screen cell phones, phablets as well as tablets regardless of their brands and models. Making a wide-ranging effect on the way of communication and entertainment for individuals of different ages, Android turns out to be the most extensively used platform for mobile device users. It allows any mobile terminal manufacturer to join the Android alliance, enabling itself to appeal to more developers and consumers with a rich pool of software resources.

So long as your device is a Samsung, Motorola, HTC, Sony Ericsson, LG, Lenovo make or others that applies the Android system, you'll benefit from the convenience and practicability it produces. Although it's of great use, Android itself offers no way for transferring or backing up contacts to a computer. That is why a third-party tool getting the job done is vitally important, as you want to make backups.

Where the Contacts Stored on Your Android Cell Phones?
Contacts are either stored on a mobile device inside the ROM (Read-Only Memory), which prohibits programs and software from being altered or deleted, but also permits contacts and text messages to be edited and removed, or within any SIM card. If your phone's default setting is storing the contacts on the device itself, then when you input a contact, it'll enter the phone's memory, and when you open the phone book, you'll only see the ones stored on your phone. Actually no matter which space you choose to store the data, they can all be missing due to the loss of your phone or card, damage, or any systematic errors.

Looking for a key to the potential problems and means to make backups for your contacts? Amacsoft Android Manager is the way to go that takes an easy process to transfer your phone book to the computer in a flash. Supporting mobile devices that are Android-based and of various brands, such as Samsung, HTC, Motorala, LG, and so on. This powerful and multifunctional software also enables users to remove and back up data of other kinds and formats, such as text messages, pictures, videos, music, and gives a helping hand to manage different types of files. Try it, and you'll be worry-free the minute you use this tool!

Tutorial: How to Backup Contacts from Android Phones to Computer/PC?

Step 1. Connect Your Device and Run the Program

Just assume that you've connected your Android mobile phones to the computer, and launched the Android Contacts Backup software, then you'll see a interface that require you to enable the USB debugging on your device.
- Click "Settings" on your device and find "Developer options" > "USB debugging" to open the option on your device.
- Device detected and install USB driver on your mobile phone.

After that, your Android cell phone will be detected by the program successfully, and you can see the detailed information about your device is displayed in the main interface just like the below.

Step 2. Preview and Backup Your Contacts to PC

You can directly click "Backup Contacts" button on the bottom of interface to backup your Android contacts as you like. Or you can hit "Contacts" option on the top of the panel, and go to the specific category and preview these contacts list in the program as you like.

Then go through and mark all contacts you want to save on your personal PC, then click "Backup" button to transfer & save them on your computer without any losing.

Of course, if you want to edit contacts before exporting, you can directly handle it on the program as you like. What are you waiting for? Just get this powerful Android Contacts Manager program from here!

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