Amacsoft Android Manager App

3-in-1 Tool for Managing Android Devices

With the popularity of Android smart phones, how to make full use of the device and effectively control it have also become a hot topic on the Interent. Thus, in order to help Android users solve the problem, Amacsoft Android Manager App version have been introduced here and it allows you to manage, optimize or clean the device while you're on the go.

  • Connect your device to desktop computer wirelessly and directly transfer data to the desktop PC.
  • Optimize or speed up Android devices by deleting and releasing RAM space easily.
  • Remove unnecessary files from Android phone or tablet completely.

Compatible with All Android Operating System. Go to Android Manager for Mac >>>

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User Review
  • Cool app! I have used this app for a couple of days and it really useful to manage data on my Samsung phones. Thanks!
    -- Leo
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  • I'm totally satisfied with the performance of this app. I have used it to backup contacts list to PC. Useful!
    -- Alice
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  • I can honestly say this program is much better than any other management software out there. Now i have recommended this app to all my friends.
    -- Jimmy
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Why Choose Amacsoft Android Manager App Version?

Unlike the Android Manager PC version, the app version of the powerful program is not a simple manager program for Android device. It also can be worked as a profesisonal Android Optimizer or Android Cleaner software. And it works well while you're on the go. You can use it to connect your device to PC without USB cable while they are under the same network. And you control your device anytime anywhere as you like.

3-in-1 Android Manager App that You Can't Miss

* If you think the apk version is just the mobile version of Amacsoft Android Manager, then you're totally wrong. The app version have added the function of Android optimizing or Android cleaning, that means you can use the tool to clean junk files, speed up the device and close unnecessary background processes with 1 simple click.

* With the program, you can make full use of your Android device without worring about the data lost by accident, personal info leak out unconciously, or the device crushes due to junk files. Your Android phone or tablet will works as a new one.

Manage Android Files Wirelessly

* You may have encountered lots of troubles of making your Android devices be recognized by the Android Manager program with USB cable, right? Now, you can rest assured. With the release of app version of Android Manager, you're allowed to wirelessly connect your device to the desktop PC directly, and then you can manage Android data on PC without restrictions.

* After the connection, you're also allowed to transfer data like contacts, media files, and others to desktop icon on your device. (Coming Soon)

Timely Clean Up Junk Files on Android Devices (Coming)

No matter what kinds of Android devices you're using, it is no doubt that you have to wipe junk files on it from time to time for keeping the operating speed of your device. But we know that lots of junk files are hidden files on the device, so you have a tool to help you find & remove them out. That's why Amacsoft Android Manager App is recommended here.

* Deeply scan your Android device wirelessly and find all unnecessary files like caches, cookies, temp files, crush files, etc.
* Delete the scanned junk data on Android device with 1 simple click.

Speed up Android Phone or Tablet Easily (Coming Soon)

You may don't know that lots of background processes have occupied a large amount of RAM storage space on your device, even though some processes are useless for you. So with the Amacsoft Android Manager app on your device, you can easily close these unnecessary processes and free up RAM space, so that your Android device will be performed quickly.

* Kill all unnecessary background processes and speed up the added apps, games and media files.
* Free up memory on your Android phone or tablet easily.

More Features

Easy to Use All operations of this program can be finished in seconds.
Free Upgrade All software will be upgraded irregularly. Register users can enjoy the free life-time upgrade service.
Technical Support You're welcomed to contact the support team to get more technical tips.