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How to Print out Text Messages from Android Cell Phones?

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Since the first smartphone has been released by Motorola in 2000, more and more mobile phone manufacturers join the camp of producing smartphones. Later, the first Android smartphone was launched in 2008. At that time, Symbian was the most popular smartphone system around the world. And three years later, Android phone has gained the largest smartphone market share, and ranked first in the global competition by ending the dominance of Symbian system. Now Android system is getting stronger and stronger, and people increasingly prefer to purchase Android phones. Are you a member of thousands of Android fans?

Why We Need Print SMS from Android Phones?

Are you fond of reading old text messages, which may be sent by your girlfriend/boyfriend or close friends? In fact, reading SMS messages is a good way to help us recall those beautiful memories. Furthermore, many people usually store some important information on their Android phone, and when needed, they can take out their phone and read texts directly. While, if you get your Android cell phone stolen, broken, smashed or formatted, you may lose your text messages accidentally. Then I suggest you to print them out for better reading and backing up, or other uses.

As a matter of fact, many people have a need to print SMS messages from their Android mobile phone. For example, someone receive some insulting messages from other people, which have hurt him/her a lot. In order to safeguard the lawful rights, he/she want to submit those messages to the court as an evidence. Then it is a good choice to print them out. But the key issue is that we are not able to directly print them from our cell phone. As you know, we often print things on computer. But how can we export messages from our Android phone to computer? That's a question. As you know, our text messages are saved on the internal memory of our mobile phone, where we have no access to, not to mention copying files from it. In this situation, this Amacsoft Android Manager could be your good assistant.

This Amacsoft Android Manager can help you access to all files on your Android cell phone, and then copy them to your computer without any restriction. Now there is a free trial version for you, just download one and try it by yourself.

Guide to Print Text Message Conversations from Android Mobile Phones

Step 1. Run this Program and Connect Your Android Device to PC

After downloading and installing this program on your computer successfully, open it with double click. Then connect your Android phone to PC via a USB cable, soon you will get an interface as shown. If you are the first time to launch this program on your computer, you should follow the instructions to enable USB debugging on your phone, and press "USB debugging opened" to finish this process. Then this program will detect your Android phone and automatically install USB drive on your computer. By the way, next time you run this program, it will directly detect your device without enabling USB debugging.

Step 2. Export Text Message Conversations to PC and Print them Out

After installing right USB driver on PC, this program will start to scan your phone data. Wait for a while, the whole phone data will be shown on the menu. Now press "Contacts" and "All SMS", you can get all texts listed with detailed contents, date, time, name, etc. Choose your needed text messages and click "Backup", then you will save them to computer within a few seconds. After that, open the backup file on your computer, and print them out via printer as you want.

Write in the End:

As you know, there are so many famous Android phone brands, like Samsung, LG, HTC, Motorola, Sony, and so on. And no matter which brand or model you choose, this program can be useful for you. Apart from helping print text messages from Android phone, this Amacsoft Android Manager can also allow you to directly send messages to anyone on computer. In addition, you are able to backup all files to PC, including contacts, music, videos, apps, photos, etc. Now just give it a try by yourself, and you will find more features about this program.

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