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How to View/Read PDF Files on Your Mobile Phone?

May 30,2012 18:45 pm / Posted by to eBooks Topics
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PDF document is the most commonly used file format, since the documents are read-only and also most computers, mobile phones and ebook readers can open PDF files. PDFs allow publishers to password protect documents so that others can view them but not make changes without permission. You can edit PDF files, combine multiple files as one, add signature images to PDF pages, and more useful operations.

There are many ways allow you to open and view PDF files on your mobile phone.

1) Open with an email attachment

If you receive an e-mail message on your mobile phone, you can directly open and view them as an email attachment.

2) Use file manager

Link your mobile phone to computer and use a file manager to browse and open PDF documents stored in the phone memory or memory card.

3) Use PDF Reader for Mobile

Adobe Reader is the most widely used PDF file reader software for computer. Adobe Reader also comes for mobile devices. You can download and install PDF Reader for Mobile Phone to view PDF files on the move. It is a great PDF reading software for most of mobile phones. With it you can read PDF ebooks at any time.

Directly visit adobe.com website and find a reader for your mobile phone version. Then follow the instruction to install this reader on your phone.

pdf reader for mobile phone

Open PDF Documents on Mobile Phone with a PDF Conversion Tool

Mac PDF Conversion Tool is an one-stop solution to convert PDF to MS Word, EPUB, Text and HTML and Image (JPG, PNG, JPG, GIF, TIFF, BMP etc.). For reading PDF on Cell Phone, we recommend you convert PDF to Txt for reading feel free. Since most of mobile phone readers can easily open .txt files.

convert pdf to mobile phone for reading

Additionally, this Mac App also offers some fantastic output settings for you. You can choose a page range to start conversion. Or customize your own output destination.

Suggested Free Trial Now: Download PDF Converter for Mac (Version: 2.8.12)

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