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How to Print PDF Bookmarks?

Jun 19,2012 16:30 pm / Posted by to eBooks Topics
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Bookmarks are wonderful navigational tools for PDF documents, and they are also a smart way of organizing your documents. Bookmarks are essentially a method to form a table of contents in a PDF and they can be set up as a hierarchy. In Acrobat, you can print PDF pages completely from the Bookmarks panel. Having the ability to print out bookmarks is frequently very helpful. Each bookmark within Acrobat is treated as something like a chapter title that links to a particular section of data in the PDF document. Bookmarks create your PDF file simpler to navigate - boosting the interactive and usefulness factors.

PDF Bookmark Print is an Acrobat plug-in tool for full version of Acrobat Standard / Professional. The tool is used to print specific bookmarks, simple easy tree selection of bookmarks. The following paragraphs focus on printing your PDF bookmarks with this built-in plug-in.

Few Clicks to Print Your PDF Bookmarks

Step 1: To print a PDF bookmark you need to ensure you have added some bookmarks to PDF document. There are essential many ways of adding bookmarks to PDF files.

Step 2: Connect your printer to computer and open a PDF document containing bookmarks in Adobe Acrobat. To view the bookmarks by clicking "View" tab and choosing "Show/Hide -> Navigation Panes". Now you can choose a bookmark that you want to print.

printing your pdf bookmarks simple screen

Step 3: If you wanna print several bookmark, press "Ctrl" while selecting multiple bookmarks. Right-click on the selected bookmark and choose "Print Page(s)" from the context menu that appears.

Choose your installed printer and set the printing option you need. Now hit "Print" and await your printed bookmarks.

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