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How to Add Bookmarks to PDF on Mac?

Nov 01,2012 11:20 pm / Posted by to eBooks Topics
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Bookmark in PDF, much like a web browser’s bookmarks, makes our reading simple and efficient, especially when you are reading a large PDF file. With a bookmark to each PDF page, it will be much easier to turn to specific pages. But how to add bookmarks to a PDF file or a PDF eBook? We know that we are not allowed to edit PDF directly. Below we are going to talk about how to achieve this goal in Mac OS X Mountain Lion.

To create a bookmark on a PDF file, you need to draw support from a third-party PDF application. You may think of Adobe Acrobat, which is the official PDF editing program for PDF users. But due to the exorbitant price, Adobe Acrobat is not recommended for personal users. Well, you can use PDF Editor Pro for Mac instead. It is the best alternative to Acrobat, which is not only a PDF editing tool, but also empowers you with the ability to create PDF bookmarks.

Below is the detailed guide showing you how to add bookmarks to PDF files on Mac OS X by using PDF Editor Pro for Mac. Only within several simple mouse clicks, you can successfully go through it. Before that, please download it by clicking on the button below.

Insert Bookmarks to PDF Files on Mac

Step 1: To add PDF bookmarks on Mac, choose Edit > Bookmark > Add Bookmark in the top menu bar; to delete the existing bookmarks, select Edit > Bookmark > Remove Bookmark.

how to insert bookmarks to pdf on mac

Step 2: Click on the second square-square icon on the sidebar to switch to the bookmark list, and click on the third gear icon to Add Bookmark or Remove Bookmark.

adding bookmarks to pdf files on mac with the bookmarks toolbar

Make PDF bookmarks a cool index

This is a simple index created in the bookmark list. Look. You can clearly see the structure of the PDF files, what it is talking about and the relationship between each point. This file contains only four pages, so maybe the advantage of creating such an index by adding bookmarks to PDF files on Mac is not so obvious.

insert bookmarks to pdf files on mac before and after index

Easily done! After you add bookmarks to PDF on Mac, you can easily go to a bookmark while choosing its name from the Bookmarks menu. You’ll see the PDF bookmarks whenever you open a PDF in Preview. However, when you send the PDF document to others, they won’t see its bookmarks on Mac.

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