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How to Transfer Music from iPod to Mac/Computer?

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Q: I'm really new to getting around iTunes. I only have a nano now and I know how to put songs on it and that's all. But now I need to share my nano music with my friends mobile phone, then what can I do? I've been poking around on there and I can't figure out how. Please help, thanks!

Undoubtedly, iTunes is a good media manage tool, but it is not a good transfer program for all iOS users. That is because iTunes only allows users to transfer files from their Mac or Windows computer to iDevices, it can't help users to transfer and save their iDevice files on their desktop computer. So when you met a situation just similar to the above, then you can directly skip iTunes and ask help from other third-party program.

Here we would like to tell you how to copy iPod music to Mac with iPod to Mac Transfer. With this program, all things you want to do on your iPod can be done as easy as 1-2-3. And all music from your iPod will be perserved very well on your Mac or Windows computer. So that you can upload, insert or share these songs on any place you want.

Now, just click the below link to get this powerful program (Mac & Windows version).

Backup iPod Music to Mac Steps:

Step 1: Insert your iPod touch/nano/shuffle to Mac

Then you will see your iPod would be identified by the iPod music to Mac transfer automatically, and the device info is shown in the main interface like the image shows below.

Step 2: Transfer and save your iPod music on Mac

In the left "Music" file list, check the songs you want to transfer, and click the left "Export" button in the top. Of course, you can as well copy movies and photos from iPod to Mac by choosing the "Movie" and "Photo" file list.

Tips: You can select a local folder to store your music on the top "Advanced -> Options"and click the "Ok" button to repalce the defaul Mac local folder.

When the transfer is finished, a information dialogbox will be poped-up to show you how many files are exported.

That's all, just so simple to rescue your iPod music. All the iPod type compatible: iPod, iPod nano, iPod classic, iPod shuffle, iPod touch. Even the latest iPod touch FW 3.x and iTunes 10.0 are supported now.

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