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How to Add Text to PDF on Mac?

Nov 02,2012 19:39 pm / Posted by to eBooks Topics
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PDF file is one of the most comment documents for business and personal information sharing and storage. It is popular for its good compatibility and high encryption standard. However, you must encounter such kinds of situations that you need to insert text into PDF files in order to make the PDF information more complete. But as we know, PDF is a readable format and is unable to be edited. Here is your one-stop shop for PDF tips on how to edit and reuse your PDF files, including image and scanned PDF.

Do you know the Preview is not just an image and PDF reader, but also an amazing PDF annotator that defaultly built in all Macintosh computers? It allows users to annotate PDF files on Mac OS X easily. However, it has some other interesting features. PDF Editor Pro for Mac also gives you the ability to add text to PDF on Mac OS X. The "Text" annotation tool can add PDF text at any point on a PDF document in the full range of fonts installed on your system.

Here in this article, we will describe in details to show you how to use Preview and PDF Editor Pro for Mac to add text files to PDF.

Method 1: Preview

1. Use the "Add Text" tool:

- Go to the location of the PDF file in the Finder. Control-click on the file and highlight "Open With". Select "Preview" from the list of options.
- Choose "Add Text" on the toolbar, and then click on a blank area on the page, you can add text toPDF on Mac.

2. Use the "Annotate" tool

- Click the "Annotate" icon from the toolbar at the top of the Preview window. The annotation toolbar that supports to add PDF text will appear at the bottom of the window. Click on the "Text" tool. It is on the fourth from the left as above indicated.
- Use the cursor to draw a text box. Type in the text box to add your needed text to PDF and you can change the dimensions later if needed.

Method 2: PDF Editor Pro for Mac

First of all, you shoud get the Mac tool downloaded and installed on your Mac computer.

Open a PDF file with PDF Editor Pro for Mac. Click "Convert" on the toolbar, you can quickly convert the current PDF file to editable Ms Word document. Then you can add any text in the converted file without any problem.

This is an efficient way as most people who have used the professional Adobe Acrobat say, it doesn't allow you to edit PDF text in fact, it just does as the Preview does.

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