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How to Annotate PDF Files on Mac?

Nov 04,2012 09:29 pm / Posted by to eBooks Topics
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Among the different types of documents that exist today, PDF is one of the most widely used format welcomed by many people. PDF becomes so popular because it can hold the consistency of the document on different platforms or different computer running different systems. Publishing a document in PDF is like printing it on paper. The document’s appearance will stay the same wherever you view it.

Annotating PDF files with the built-in Preview on Mac is workable and can meet your needs if you only need to make a few simple annotations. But if you need to annotate your PDF files often and much, Preview’s simple annotation function may not meet your requirement. Any better tool to help us to add annotation to PDF document? Sure! PDF Editor Pro for Mac, a PDF Editor, as well as a PDF annotator, is such an excellent choice for you to edit and annotate PDF files on Mac.

Following is the tutorial about how to annotate PDF files by using PDF Editor Pro for Mac. In the very beginning, you need to free download the trial version of the tool by clicking the below button.

Add Annotation to PDF Files on Mac Steps:

Step 1: First, open any PDF files you want to annotate in Preview; click "Tools" and choose "Annotate".

Step 2: These annotation tools include: Sticky Note, Text Box, multiple line-drawing tools, Free-hand drawing tool, links, and markup tools. You can find all the annotation tools in the dropdown menu of Tools menu.

click tools to annotate pdf on mac without preview

You'll find Annotate under Tools menu. Here it lists the major PDF annotation tools.

insert annotation to pdf on mac with annotation tolls

To Add Notes, click the yellow tag icon in the toolbar and the spot you want to stick the note. Double click it to change note details. If you want to remove it, simply select it and press Delete.

Besides adding annotation to PDF files on Mac, it can also add drawing and scribble imprints over the PDF pages; add free-hand drawings on the page; apply a highlight color to specific selected text.

Want to play with notes in your own unique way? Go grab one. The latest beta version is available for free under way.

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