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Is a PDF File/Document Good Enough for e-Readers?

May 29,2012 17:38 pm / Posted by to eBooks Topics
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Maybe many people think that providing a PDF document to your friends is sufficient, you better think again. PDF is used a long time ago, it is not a new e-Book format nowadays. In spite of most of readers can handle PDF files, but the display effect is not particularly satisfying. For example, Kindle can read PDF document, but it displays the PDF like it displays a picture and does not let users enlarge the text as you could with other Kindle eBook format. As a result the PDF file on many e-reader devices too small to read.

To have a better reading experience on e-Readers, especially on iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. We strongly suggest users to Convert PDF Document to ePub format for iOS devices. ePub is designed for reflowable content, the content can be optimized for e-Readers.

The Reasons a PDF Document are not Enough for e-Readers

Screen Size of e-Readers

The widely used e-Reader is iPad, while the Apple iPad has 9.7 inch display screen. The touch-screen makes it become the best device for reading. It is worth mentioning the free iBooks app for iPad built-in .epub format for reading. More users will select the. epub format instead of .pdf document.

Better Reading Experience

ePub eBook is the best choice for iOS device users, it is created for reflowable content. Reflowable content is somewhat of a pain point for PDF and allows the automatic reflow of text and associated graphics to suit varying page sizes.

And there are more reasons also tell us a PDF document is not good enough for e-Readers. We now know that doesn't exist the best reader for PDF viewing. So we are searching for a good method to convert PDF documents to e-Reader format for better reading experience. There are many e-Readers on the market, how can we choose a suitable tool for converting PDF files? The following paragraphs introduce three tools for converting PDF for iPad, iPod touch, iPhone, Kindle and more.

PDF to ePub Converter for Mac is the right tool for iOS users, it is not only a PDF to ePub Converter, it also a PDF viewer. This means that you can preview the PDF file page-by-page before conversion. The highlighted feature is batch conversion and partial conversion modes.

format pdf files for ipad e-reader software screen

Calibre is a free and open eBook converter and management for Mac, Windows user. It is able to convert both to and from many popular e-book formats, including PDF, ePub, Mobi, AZW and more. It is a must-have app for eBook fans.

Convertfiles.com is an online website, which can finish the video and audio conversion, ebook conversion, file conversion, image conversion etc.

Free tools can save our money, but will also bring some unnecessary troubles, for example, malicious plug-in, virus, slow conversion speed, bad output quality even more. In the long terms, we recommend you to download the genuine software.

Free Download PDF to ePub Converter for Mac

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