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How to Publish Your Amazon Kindle eBook?

Jun 17,2012 15:36 pm / Posted by to eBooks Topics
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Would you like to be the next great author? Perhaps your aspirations are less lofty, but you still have a story or expert information to share with the masses. Thankfully, though, tools are available for you to publish your personal electronic book. Kindle's electronic-paper display and convenience has won over the hearts of millions of readers worldwide. Users can wirelessly download books, magazines, newspapers, and blogs with only a touch of a button.

E-publishing is all the rage, and there's no better place for a web content writer to publish an e-book than on Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing Platform. These tips assume that you have already written the ebook you would like to publish.

Share/Publish eBook with Amazon Kindle

Step 1: Sign Up

Before you can upload a book, you'll need to use your existing Amazon.com credentials to join the Kindle Direct Publishing platform. Once you log in to the Kindle Direct Publishing interface, you'll see a link to add a new title - that will take you to the next step.

Step 2: Add Book Details

Don't skimp on this section. Here you add items like the title and product description. The more robust your description, the greater chance folks have of finding your work. Click on the "Add New Title" button to get to a one page form. Enter the book title, edition and description near the top of the page.

enter book basic information to share amazon kindle books

Step 3: Upload and Publish Your Amazon Kindle eBook

Before uploading, you must ensure the eBook format is compatible with Kindle. If not, you can refer to How to Convert eBooks to Kindle Fire Format.

Upload a book cover to prevent having that ugly placeholder image when your book appears online, then select whether or not you need digital rights management. Next, You need to confirm content rights.

Once you've completed all of the steps click the "Publish" button and wait 24-48 hours to see it show up. Step three seems easy enough. Try it now.

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