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How to Open and Read ePub eBooks on PC?

Jun 23,2012 12:08 pm / Posted by to eBooks Topics
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Most devices support ePub files, however, when you have downloaded an ePub book on a PC or Mac, you won't have the ability to simply open it up as it is. You will have to download a special software to read it. ePub is very loved by eBook formats for reading on iPad, iPhone, smartphones and tablets on the move. However, with regards to reading EPUB eBooks on computer, things are messed up. There are several ePub Readers for PC which will allow you to open ePub files and read ePub eBooks on a computer.

Reading from a computer monitor isn't a comfortable practice for everybody, but for those who don't mind this it's certainly an excellent solution. There are several online as well as desktop tools which permit users to read .epub formats on your computer. We have covered some ePub readers for PC which we believe you all should know about. If you are using a Mac computer, please go to How to Read ePub eBooks on Mac.

Free Tool to Open and View ePub Books on a PC

Adobe Digital Editions is a Flash based eBook reader for the desktop computer and Sony Reader. Along with reading ePub formatted books, ADE can also read PDF files and both of these with or without DRM protection. Adobe Digital Editions fully works with EPUB format. It is simple to upload your local EPUB books to Adobe Digital Editions for reading and managing.

ADE is available for both Windows and Mac computers with Linux currently in development and installation is an extremely simple process.

ade is a free epub reader for pc

Calibre is an ebook management software program. It is surely an integrated app for library management, eBook conversion, eBooks transferring, news downloading, eBook viewing and much more. It supports a wide variety of formats including PDF, EPUB, and MOBI; it can even convert one format to another.

You can upload EPUB books to Calibre by pressing the Add books button on the very left. When in the center of the interface, click the EPUB books to open it with the built-in E-book Viewer.

read epub books on computer with calibre

All the above mentioned tools are wonderful but the final selection depends entirely on the user. When you have the free Adobe Digital Editions or Calibre installed, viewing EPUB eBooks is no longer an issue that bothers you. If you want to create ePub ebooks from PDF, HTML, MOBI, Text, you can try ePub Converter for Mac, it is the best choice for eBook readers.

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