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How to Use Bookmarklets in Chrome for iOS?

Jun 01,2012 16:27 pm / Posted by to eBooks Topics
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Google has launched Chrome for iOS and it's now available in the App Store. The new google chrome browser joins not only Apple's Safari, but a range of other choices including Opera and Dolphin. At its core, Chrome for iOS is actually a custom interface around Apple's own rendering engine.

There are numerous new features contained in Google Chrome together with support for enabling desktop version of any website. One of the features missing or rather not directly visible is the option to add bookmarklets. Actually, using them is a pretty straightforward exercise. Check the following detailed steps on how to use it.

Easily Use Bookmarks in Chrome for iOS Device

Firstly: Tab the "Chrome" icon on your iOS device home screen to launch it normally. Create a new bookmark on the bookmark URL field and paste the Javascript code for the bookmarklet. You can rename the bookmark and save it to your desired folder.

By the way, if you need, you can easily Add Bookmarks to PDF on Mac for more convenient reading experience.

easily use bookmarks in chrome for ipad ipod iphone

Secondly: Open a page with the right URL, for this you can run the bookmarklet when the page loads. Now enter the bookmarklet name in the address bar. An address bar list will show you the bookmark name. Choose one of the bookmarks from the URL suggestion.

use bookmarklets in chrome for ios

Thirdly: Your bookmarklet code should be executed and cause which ever action you anticipate. Such as, we have created bookmarklet to add any URL to Pocket for reading it later.

Tips: For someone who has a great number of PDF documents and you are running a Mac computer. It is possible to Open PDF Files in Chrome on Mac, just install a Plug-in for Google Chrome.

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