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How to Post PDF Articles to Forums Easily

Sep 04,2012 15:36 pm / Posted by to eBooks Topics
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We often share useful informations, answering questions in forums. But it's difficult to copy the content of PDF to Forums. How can we easily post PDF articles to forums? Here we give you some solutions. You can convert PDF to other format files that are allowed to be copied or uploaded to the forum. You can also turn to a third party website for help.   

Convert Your PDF Files to other File Formats

You can convert PDF files to other file formats like Word, Text, Image, even Flash Video. Then you can copy the content of Word or Text to the forum. You can also upload the image to the forum.

Convert PDF to Word/Text

It's easy to find many softwares to convert PDF to Word or Text, like Calibre, Zamzar, Convertfiles, PDF Converter For Mac. You can use any of these converters to convert your PDF files to Word or Text. Then you can copy the content of Word or Text to forums easily. You are allowed to convert only several pages of PDF files. It's the best choice and easy to use.

perform ocr and add pdf files to convert pdf images to text on mac

Convert PDF to Image

Image is a very popular file format that can be freely posted in many forums. So you can use PDF to Image converter to convert PDF to Image first. You can use Zamzar, YouConvertIt, Neevia, PDF to Image for Mac to convert PDF files to Image files. Then you can directly upload and embed the Image file to forums.

pdf converter

Tips: Some forums don't allow you directly upload and embed image, you can make use the third party website such as Flicker and Photo bucket. After you upload the image to the third party websites, you will get an image URL. Then you can click image inserting icon and paste the image URL to post the image.

Convert PDF to Flash Video

Flash video is allowed to post in some discussion forums. So you can convert PDF to flash SWF format files using PDF to Flash Converter. Then you must find a video hosting website like Youtube and upload your SWF files to the website and get a link. Then you can insert the SWF file into the forum by pasting the URL in the forum.

Turn to Help to the Third Party Website

You can upload your PDF articles to a third party website like Google Docs and more and get a .pdf extension URL. Then you can post the URL in the forum. Other people can read the PDF articles by hitting the URL and download the PDF files. But people must have installed a PDF reader on computer to read PDF article. This method is not the best choice. Other people have to download the PDF files on computer to read the PDF article. It's not convenient.

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