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How to Convert CHM Files to PDF on Mac with High Quality?

Jul 16,2012 15:32 pm / Posted by to eBooks Topics
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CHM is a proprietary format for online help files from Microsoft Inc. Chm file is commonly used for software manual, documents or e-books. A CHM file allows us to view search, or add keyword to find out the information we need.

PDF can be read on most of platform, such as Windows, Mac, Linux, Mobile Phone, Apple iPad, iPhone, Amazon Kindle Fire etc. It is an open standard format, and a great number of third party readers can open and read it smoothly. Likewise, there are many amazing PDF Editing Software for Mac and Windows user. From our website you can get an extraordinary PDF Editing Software for Mac.

Not all readers can directly open and view CHM file, and Microsoft announced that chm contains security risks. So, you could convert your documents in CHM format into a popular format (such as PDF) for better reading with a device.

A Summer of Free CHM to PDF Converter for Mac

Calibre is a free eBook management, it works well on Mac, Windows and Linux. Calibre allows you to open a number of ebook types and read them. You can input various file formats for conversion, all the process is really simple that we never felt the need to consult the Help file. How does it work?

Step 1: Get this free app on your Mac. Then launch it, follow the instruction to access the following screen. Hit "Add books" button listed on the top to browse and open your CHM files for conversion.

add books to calibre to convert

Step 2: Turn your attention shifted to the output format drop-down option. Pick "PDF" from "Output format" pull down list. You can also make some special settings on your book.

calibre can easily convert chm to pdf format on mac

Step 3: Make sure you select the correct output format, now click "Convert books" on top menu to start conversion. The whole encoding process will be completed in a few seconds. When the conversion is done, go to output destination to check the PDF quality. All content is well preserved.

Online CHM to PDF Converter

Zamzar supplies a simple file conversion services to its visitors. Users can upload files from their computer or take files from a URL. Once you have selected a file or files to convert, Zamzar will show you which formats are available to convert to. Then you supply your e-mail address and click on "convert" and Zamzar will e-mail you a hyperlink to the converted file. Conversion speed is quite fast, beyond your imagination.

online way to transform chm files to adobe pdf

All in all, each method has its advantages and disadvantages. Calibre needs you to download and install it correctly , Zamzar allows up to 100MB file upload to convert. But the two methods can provide a rapid and high quality conversion.

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