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Transfer/Sync eBooks from Mac to iPad/iPhone

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We can get some interesting eBooks from website, online eBook store or other ways. Nowadays, more and more e-Readers provide a very good reading experience, including iPad, iPhone, Kindle Fire, Sony Reader etc. Apple's iPad is a hot concern gadget since its high resolution, touch screen, retina display of the New iPad. Likewise, a great number of people use iPad to read books on the move.

In addition, Apple's iBook is a free app for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. It offers a virtual bookshelf, you can directly read books with it or purchase a desired book from its bookstore. So it's a great choice to read books on iPad, but how to import Mac local books to iPad for reading at will.

Sync/Import Books from Mac Computer to iPad/iPhone

To import books to iPad you need to ensure the book formats are supported by iPad (Please check eBook Formats for iPad). The latest version of iBook can read .epub and .pdf file smoothly. It means you can import ePub and PDF document to iPad for reading. Comparison of ePub and PDF, many people will choose to ePub format.

First Step: Convert the incompatible file format to .epub format for iPad. ePub Creator for Mac can easily create .html, .mobi, .txt, .pdf document to ePub books with maintaining original file structure.

convert files to epub format for ipad

Second Step: Run iTunes App on your Mac and connect your iPad/iPhone to Mac USB port. If iTunes can not detect your device please eject it and reconnect.

Third Step: Now you will see your iPad will be displayed underneath "DEVICES" category. Click it and move to the iTunes above options, pick "Book" tab and press it. Two available options will be activated. Here we select "Sync Books" checkbox, then browse and choose the books you would like to transfer to iPad.

import and sync books to ipad through itunes

Fourth Step: If you have finished all the books selection, keep your eyes gathered in the lower-right corner of the "Sync" button. Click it to begin transferring books from Mac to iPad.

Pay attention to disconnection your device during the transferring process. After a while you can eject your device and tab "iBook" icon on your iPad to check the books. You can use the same method to Import Photos from iPhoto to iPhone.

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