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How to Transfer eBooks from Sony Reader to Kindle in a Simple way

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You are allowed to read EPUB, PDF and TXT ebook formats on Sony Reader, while you can read AZW, TXT, PDF, unprotected MOBI and native PRC on Kindle. So we know the two readers both support PDF and TXT. So you can directly copy the PDFand TXT format ebook on computer from Sony Reader and then transfer to your Kindle. When it comes to other file formats, you need to make conversions first. It's easy to find softwares to convert Sony Reader format to MOBI or PDF. Then you can transfer the converted ebook to read in Kindle. You can select to make online conversion or you can install a converting software to convert ebooks between different formats.

Tip: If you want to transfer Kindle ebooks to Sony Reader, you can use the ePub Converter to convert HTML, PDF, TEXT,Word, MOBI files into an ePub for reading on Sony Reader.

Make Online Conversion for Sony eBooks

You can use online converting service to make conversions like Zamzar, 2ePub, Convertfiles.com, DocsPal and more. They are all powerful online converting tools and can input a large number of file formats and convert them to formats compatible with most devices. You only just connect your Sony Reader with your computer and upload your ebooks into the online converters. If you want to transfer just several Sony ebooks, this method is a good choice.

Converting Sony eBooks Using Converting Software

It's also available to find many useful softwares to convert Sony format ebook. Many people are familiar with Calibre. It's a powerful and free ebook converter and reader with its built-in viewer. You can use it to convert various format ebooks.

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Besides Calibre, You have a better choice. This is the AVS Document Converter. This software enables you to make conversions between various document formats. It also allows you to open and convert e-books.It can easily convert EPUB to MOBI. So you can use this tool to convert Sony ebooks and then transfer to your Kindle Reader. You can download this professional doucument converter from here.

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