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How to Sell Your eBook on Amazon?

Nov 05,2012 16:48 pm / Posted by to eBooks Topics
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Amazon allows you to sell e-books through their Digital Text Platform for the Kindle. If you have created your ebook and want to sell on Amazon, you can follow the guide below to publish your ebook on Amazon.

Guide to Issue eBook on Amazon

Step 1: Create an account

Simply go to the DTP Log-in screen, enter your information and create an account. If this is your first time using the DTP service, you'll be asked for some basic publishing-specific settings such as tax information and preferred payment method. It’s easy to create an account.

Step 2: Format your eBook

If you want to sell your ebook on Amazon, you must make sure that your ebook format is accessible on the Kindle platform. It supports following file formats.

Unencrypted Mobipocket(.mobi and .prc): This format is an ideal format. The Kindle-specific file format is created from it.

Unzipped EPUB: You can set your ebook format in this format. So it's available to read on more than just the Kindle.

Plain Text: It's an ordinary format.

Microsoft Word .doc File: Definitely usable, but with some complications.

Zipped HTML: When you use this format, you need to take great attention.

Adobe PDF: This is the poorest option. You had better off to use third party utility to convert PDF into a more suitable format like HTML.

We suggest you to convert your ebook to either .mobi or HTML.

Step 3: Upload your ebook

If you have logged into the DTP system, you will see a "Add a New Title" button. Click on it and enter all the information it requires. You’ll need to provide your book file and a description of the work, important publication data and an assurance that you have a right to publish the book, a decision about whether or not to enable DRM, and a cover/product image, which is important to appear on the product page in the Kindle store.

Step 4: Promote it

If you want to let other people take interest in your ebook and buy your book. You can use your blog to introduce your book to other people. Or you can use other methods. It depends on you.

Ok. that's all. Wish your ebook to sell well in Kindle store.
Tips: It's not available to publish Docx ebook on Amazon, so you can convert it to PDF books on Mac with a Mac Word to PDF Converting Tool. It's easy to use and supports batch conversion. You can try it from here.

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