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How to Move Downloaded eBook from Mac to Kindle?

Nov 01,2012 16:53 pm / Posted by to eBooks Topics
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Reading ebook is common now. If you have a Kindle and you also have downloaded ebooks on your Mac, how can you put these ebooks on your Kindle? Here we will solve this problem for you with three simple methods. When you finish transfer, you can read your downloaded favorite ebooks on your Kindle.

Tips: Many Kindle ebook are MOBI format, if you want to read this format Kindle book on your iPad, iPad mini. The ePub is the best format. You can covert MOBI format Kindle book to ePub book for iPad with the MOBI to ePub Converter for Mac or MOBI to ePub Converting Software. It supports custom page range and batch conversion.

Best Methods to Put eBook from Mac to Kindle

Method 1: Copy ebook from Mac to Kindle via USB

Step 1: Connect your computer with Kindle device using a USB cable.

Step 2: For Mac users, the drive will appear on the desktop. Open the Kindle drive. You will see several folders inside, one of which will be named "documents". This is the folder you will move the downloaded ebook into. For Windows users, your Kindle device will appear in the "Computer" or "My Computer" menu.

Step 3: Locate the downloaded ebook and copy it into the documents folder.

Step 4: Safely eject your Kindle device from your computer and unplug the USB cable. Your ebook will appear on the Home screen.

Method 2: Sync ebook from Mac to Kindle via Calibre

Calibre is a free ebook manager and converter. You can sync ebook from Mac to Kindle using it.

Step 1: Connect your Kindle with Mac using a USB cable.

Step 2: Launch Calibre. The Calibre will recognise your Kindle.

Step 3: Highlight ebooks you would like to put on your Kindle and press Send to Device.

When it finishes transfer, you can unplug your Kindle and start reading.

Method 3: Use your Kindle email to move ebook from Mac to Kindle

Step 1: Sign in your Kindle account on Amazon.com to find out your Kindle E-mail Address, which is ended with @Kindle.com.

Step 2: Associate this email address with your Amazon account.

Step 3: Send email with downloaded ebook to your Amazon email address.

Step 4: Connect your Kindle with WiFi, then open and sync ebook to your Kindle.

We show you three methods here. Now you can choose a method to move your downloaded ebook from Mac to Kindle with ease.

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