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How to Remove DRM from MOBI and PRC eBooks

Aug 23,2012 16:09 pm / Posted by to eBooks Topics
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MOBI and PRC are DRM protected ebooks. It's difficult for users to edit or read on different devices. So many ebook lovers would like to remove the DRM from DRM and PRC ebooks. After removing DRM, you can convert these ebooks to various file formats or read your ebooks on iPad, iPhone, iTouch, Sony, Android, Nook, Kobo etc.

Free MOBI and PRC eBook DRM Remover - Calibre

Calibre is a very popular free eBook converter and ebook reader. But many people ignore its ebook DRM removal function. You can install Calibre plugins on Calibre. It can easily strip DRM from MOBI and PRC books. You can download the latest combined tools package and install the plug-ins in Calibre. Then you can add your MOBI and PRC ebooks in the software and get the DRM removed ebooks.

interface of calibre

Download and Install Python to Remove DRM from MOBI and PRC eBooks

The Dark Reverser has created some python scripts that can remove DRM from MOBI and PRC ebooks. You can follow the steps below to remove the DRM on MOBI and PRC ebooks.

1. Download and install Python 2.6.2 or better (python.org)

2. Download and install wxPython 2.8.10 or better (wxpython.org)

3. Download OpenRPG Base Zip (OpenRPG base)

4. Run start_client.py to launch OpenRPG

When you successfully remove DRM from MOBI and PRC ebooks, you can use an ePub Converter for Mac to convert your MOBI ebooks to ePub books and read them on your favorite reader devices. ePub Converter for Mac is a a good tool to create Epub ebooks on Mac with various popular formats. In addition, it can make batch conversion. It's easy to use and have high conversion speed. What's more, it can keep original ext, images, graphics, hyperlinks, layouts.

epub converter for mac

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