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How to Enable Firefox's PDF Viewer

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As a standard file format, it's easy for people to find PDF readers. But if you want to view PDF file in browser without downloading it to your computer. Thanks to Firefox, its built-in PDF reader allows you read PDF file directly without downloading it. It's a very convenient feature for people to view PDF documents on web. It allows you to make page forward and back, zoom in and out, print. It's also available to click the browse button to read local PDF files. If you don't need advanced PDF features, the buint-in reader is enough, or you can download the PDF file and read on your computer. Before you start to enable the PDF viewer of Firefox, note that you have the latest version of Firefox and you've disabled the Adobe PDF viewer.

How to check the version of Firefox?

You can check the version by clicking the menu at the top corner. Then go to Help > About Firefox. You can check for updates and apply any it finds.

How to disable the Adobe PDF reader?

You can disable the Adobe plug-in by opening the same menu at the top of the Web browser and select Add-ons. In the new area that loads, click on Plugins and then the Disable button next to Adobe Acrobat.

How to View PDF Documents in Firefox's Built-in PDF Reader

Step 1: Launch Firefox and type "about:config" in the address bar. You can get a warning about editing this area, accept it to continue.

Step 2: Search for browser.preferences.inContent from the box near the top of the about:config area. Once you find it in the list, right-click on it and select Toggle.

Step 3: Now search for pdfjs.disabled. After finding it, right-click and Toggle this setting as well. That's all you need to do for the about:config area, close that tab and start browsing PDF files without needing an extra plug-in or add-on.

Tips: You may need a powerful PDF editing software. PDF Editor Pro for Mac is a good tool for you to edit PDF files easily. It supports OCR, so you can edit and search scanned PDF files. You can edit text, image in PDF files. You are also allowed to convert PDF files to most popular editable document formats. If you like, you can annotate, review, mark up PDF files as you need. It's an one-in-all functional software.

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