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How to Extract Text from Image?

Nov 14,2012 14:34 pm / Posted by to eBooks Topics
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You may want to copy or use text of an Image. It seems difficult. Because the text in image is not editable. But don't feel disappointed. Many free OCR tools enable you to easily extract Text from Image. Here we recommend some useful tools for you to easily obtain text from Image.

Best Tools to Get Text from Image

1. Extract image's text with OCR software

You can use FreeOCR, which is an open source OCR software that allows you to input scanned PDF and multi page Tiff images as well as popular image file formats. It can output plain text and Microsoft Word format.

Of course, you can use other free OCR softwares to get text from image like Cuneiform, OpenOCR, gImageReader, Puma.NET and SimpleOCR. In fact, many online OCR tools are more powerful than these desktop OCR softwares. So it's a good choice to extract text with online tool.

2. Extract text from image with online tool

free-online-ocr.com is a powerful and free OCR tool. You just need to visit this website to upload your Image and select your output format and click the "Convert" button. You can easily get editable text from image. It only supports English. You don't need any registration or installation. It supports following input and output formats.

Supported input format: PDF, GIF, BMP, JPEG, TIFF or PNG.

Supported output format: DOC, PDF, TXT or RTF.

extract text from image online

OCRconvert.com is also a free online OCR tool that you can use to extract text from image. It supports multiple languages. You only need to upload an image or PDF file, choose a language, and click the "Process" button, then you get TXT file from image or PDF. It allows you to input PDF, GIF, BMP, JPEG files.

There are also many other free online OCR tools like ocr-extract.com, onlineocr.net and more you can use to extract text from image or scanned PDF documents online. You can make a try.

Useful Tips: The Mac PDF Editing Program is also a useful OCR software. It can make scanned PDF files editable and searchable with OCR. It also supplies various PDF editing functions like annotating. You can easily add and modify text and images in PDF files. What's more, you can convert ordinary PDF or scanned PDF into several popular document formats including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, EPUB, HTML and Text. So with this software, you can easily make use of scanned PDF files.

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