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How to Convert PDF Document to AutoCAD DWG?

Nov 01,2012 14:13 pm / Posted by to eBooks Topics
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PDF is a widely used format to transfer data on the Internet. But PDF is difficult to edit. If you would like to add PDF document into AutoCAD program, you need to convert PDF document to AutoCAD default format. It's DWG format. If you haven't found a proper way to change your PDF document to AutoCAD DWG file, you come to the right place. We give you several solutions here.

Useful and Free PDF to AutoCAD DWG Converter

1. Convert PDF to DWG on ConvertPDFtoAutoCAD.com

ConvertPDFtoAutoCAD.com offers a free online service for users to convert PDF to DWG online. You can easily get the data from PDF file. You can obtain DWG file in three simple steps.

Step 1: Browse your computer to add your PDF document into this converter.

Step 2: Enter your email address.

Step 3: Open your email box and download DWG file.

2. Change PDF to DWG with Zamzar

We are sure that many people are familiar this free online converter. It's powerful and easy to use. It covers all kinds of file formats you need to convert. Comparing with other free online converting site, it's more versatile. You can convert document format, image format, music format, CAD format, ebook format, video format, compressed format. Only in four steps, you can fulfill the conversion. Just load your PDF file into the website, set output format as DWG, enter your email address, click the "Convert" button. That's all.

Besides these two converter, the cometdocs is also a free online converter can make PDF to DWG conversion. You can also make a try. When you finish conversion, you can import your DWG files into the AutoCAD to edit.

Tips: If you often need to transfer data, PDF format is a good choice. But how can you easily create PDF file from other formats? A PDF creating tool is necessary. You can easily find all kinds of PDF creator. But the Mac PDF Builder is the best. It can make PDF documents from Text, Word Docx and kinds of images effortlessly. It's also accessible to merge a number of same type files into one PDF. With it, you can easily get high quality PDF files without changing contents of source files. It only requires three steps to finish converting. Firstly, add your source files into the creator. Then make some necessary output setting. The last step is clicking the "Convert" button. You can directly download the software from here.

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