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How to Convert Publisher PUB File to Adobe PDF?

Nov 23,2012 14:18 pm / Posted by to eBooks Topics
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Microsoft Publisher is a powerful desktop publishing tool. Microsoft Publisher can make calendars, catalogs, booklets, business cards, brochures, flyers, letterhead, newsletters, and signs. However, many people do not have publisher installed on their computer. If you want to share your publisher works with these people, you can convert it to PDF format. It's a popular format that's used to be a standard file transfer format. Here we introduce some methods for you to change your publisher to PDF easily.

Best Publisher PUB to PDF Converters


publishertopdf.com is a free web based converter specially in converting publisher PUB file to PDF. You only need to upload your file by clicking the "Browse" button and enter your email to receive the converted PDF files. It's very easy.

convert pub to pdf online


This free online converter can enable you to convert Microsoft Office, Open Office, Lotus, images, web pages and other formats to PDF and image files. It is quick and reliable. It can convert PUB to PDF file easily. Firstly, you can use the "Select file..." button to add the PUB document file on your computer. Then you can click the "Convert" button. That's all.

free pub to pdf converter


Maybe you have used this free online converter before. It's very powerful and can convert many file formats including Microsoft Publisher. You can visit it to upload your PUB files and convert your PUB file to PDF easily. It's worth to try.

Ok, now you can visit these free online converters' websites to make PUB to PDF conversion. If you want to create PDF file from Word, Image and Text, you can use the Mac PDF Creator. It can quickly change your Word, Image, Text file to PDF on Mac with wonderful quality. It's available to merge several source files into one PDF document. It's easy to use and supports batch conversion.

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