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How to Sign Digital PDF with Your Signature on Mac?

Feb 12,2012 17:48 pm / Posted by to eBooks Topics
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There are plenty of reasons you'll want to sign digital PDF files with your signature on occasion. First, PDF is hottest format for contracts, receipts and invoices, etc in today's business community. You need to sign and send them to your partners. Second, your manager is definitely an environmentalist and that he or she advocates paperless office. Every one of these files that may be digital one never might be printed. Or perhaps you will have time to print digital files then sign your signature. Overall, to operate efficiently and environmentally, signing digital PDF with Your Signature on Mac is essential.

To sign a PDF, many people think of Adobe Reader. However, Adobe Reader is just a reader app for users to open and view PDF files. To add signature to a PDF file, a professional PDF tool is needed. I would like to recommend the PDF Editor Pro for Mac, which provides you with powerful PDF editing features, including the ability to apply a certified industry-standard digital signature. Here are the simple steps for how to use PDF Editor Pro for Mac to add digital signature to Adobe PDF files with ease.

First of all, download the Mac tool from the following button, follow the step-by-step wizard to install it on your Mac and then click the shortcut icon of the program from the computer desktop to run it.

Tell You How to Add Your Signature to Digital PDF on Mac

Step 1: First, you need to have a scanner, scan your hand written signature and save it as a picture on the Mac. Launch PDF Editor Pro for Mac and open the PDF you need to sign.

Step 2: Click the "Insert Image" tool in the Tool Bar on the ribbon to insert your hand written signature. You can also click the "Crop Images" to crop the images. From the following picture, you will see this software has any kindle of editing functions for you, you can Edit Images in PDF Files on Mac, Modify PDF Files on Mac and more.

insert images to type in signature to pdf on mac

Step 3: Next, drag-n-drop the picture to the very right put on the PDF in places you require it to be. If the tool is not in the tool bar yet, customize tool bar then drag it for the ribbon.

sign digital pdf with your signature on mac

See, that's it! It is so easy to add your signature to digital PDF on Mac, Besides PDF Editor Pro for Mac, there are many other apps that allow you to sign digital PDF with your signature on Mac, like Adobe Acrobat.

With Adobe Acrobat you only need to click the "New" button to enable the "Configure Signature Appearance" box, then write and edit you signature by checking or unchecking some default settings.

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