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Highlight PDF Documents on Mac

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"I am wondering whether it is possible to highlight the text in a PDF document while you are reading it with the Adobe Reader 7 or not? And also save the highlight? If not, then do you know any other programs that can open a PDF file, highlight, and save the change?" - From PDF Users

When sharing information between multiple people on different computers, using a PDF file ensures that everyone is looking at the same thing. The PDF format appears consistently on different computers with different operating systems. And due to its high encryption standard, PDF owners can protect their PDF information by adding PDF passwords or other using permissions. PDF format is a complete format that can not be edited. It means that you can not highlight a PDF file directly.

There is always a solution! With PDF Editor Pro for Mac, you can not only highlight your PDF content easily, but also you can annotate PDF, edit PDF text or images, insert or delete PDF images, convert or create PDF without any hassle. It features with more powerful functions than Preview, the built-in app on Mac. In the following, we will show you how to highlight PDF files on Mac by using this amazing program.

How to Markup PDF Files on Mac for Free?

Step 1: Free download and install the PDF Editor for Mac. Open your PDF file with it. Click Tools -> Annotate -> Highlight option and select any text you want to markup in the PDF document;

Step 2: If you don’t like the default highlight color (yellow), you can choose another color in Inspector, and then highlight the text with the color you choose.

highlight the text in pdf files on mac

Besides highlighting, you can also underline or strike through any selected text. All of these functions help you to mark the content easier. And if you need to remove the highlights in the PDF file, there are 2 methods you can do:

Method 1: Remove text highlights with Select Tool

Choose Select Tool on the toolbar, and then click on the highlighted text, after chosen the highlight color block, press delete key to remove the text highlight.

after highlighting pdf files on mac, you can remove it easily

Method 2: Remove text highlights from the sidebar list

Choose View -> Sidebar - > Annotations from the top menu bar and you can find the list of annotation info (including highlight) in the sidebar. Click on a line of highlight info, and you can quickly view the highlight text on the left panel. Then press delete key, you can remove the text highlight immediately.

highlight pdf files on mac, then you can delete highilights with ease

Highlighting PDF files on Mac is so simple, quickly try it. By the way, you can also Add Text to PDF on Mac OS X to make a note of important PDF contents if needed.

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