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How to Edit Scanned PDF Files on Mac?

Dec 26,2012 18:27 pm / Posted by to eBooks Topics
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As PDF provides users with a better and safer way in document distribution owning to its good preservation on any platform, making full use of the formidable file format is demanded by more and more people. The non-editable feature of PDF makes us annoying especially when we are in the need of adding, deleting or correcting PDF content. And for scanned PDF, the editing requirement becomes more arduous.

But there are several choices to modify scanned PDF files on Mac. You can pay for a tool for Adobe Acrobat, or depend on a third party PDF tool. In this article we are going to talk about how to edit scanned PDF files on Mac with a professional editor, PDF Editor Pro for Mac. It enables you to make scanned PDF editable on Mac as if you are editing on a word document. Anyway, let’s get down to the task.

Click the below button to get the Mac program installed on your Mac, and then you can follow the step-by-step tutorial to go through the process of editing scanned PDF files on Mac computer.

Make Scanned PDF Editable on Mac Steps:

Step 1: Download PDF Editor Pro for Mac

Download PDF Editor Pro for Mac, launch and run it on your Macintosh. This software can express you with the multiple toolbar.

Step 2: Perform OCR to scanned PDF files

After running PDF Ediror for Mac. Then a window could pops up, leading you to the target scanned PDF. Just click the PDF file and press "Open”. The moment you open the canned PDF file, a drop-down window could ask you whether to perform OCR or not. All you need to do is ticking the language for the target file and clicking "Perform OCR".

convert scanned pdf to editable on mac - perform ocr

Step 3: Edit Scanned PDF Files on Mac

The PDF content is displayed on the screen. You can edit the whole content as you like. See the tool bar of PDF Editor Pro for Mac? Many tools, right? You can customize your own tools by dragging and dropping them to the ribbon. Whenever, you need the tool, just click it, and then do your editing freely.

make scanned pdf editable on mac

After you edit the PDF files, you can save the edited PDF by going to "File>Save". Of course, with PDF Editor Pro for Mac, you can also export scanned PDF to editable Microsoft Word, PPT, Excel, TEXT or HTML by setting the output format in "File>Convert…>format".

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