Amacsoft PDF Splitter

Separate Multi-page PDF Files to Several Small Ones

How can you easily handle a large PDF file? The PDF Splitter can easily help you separate a large PDF into multiple small PDF files with different splitting methods. You can cut PDF by every n page(s), certain page range or split PDF file averagely by n page(s). Then you can manage and share these small PDF files efficiently. Besides, it can process many PDF files one time.

  • Effectively and accurately separate PDF file into several small PDF files;
  • Supply three different methods to split your PDF as you need;
  • Bulit-in PDF viewer can help you easily preview your PDF files;
  • Easy to use, reliable and stand-alone software.

Supported OS: Windows 10/8/7/Vista, XP. Go PDF Splitter for Mac >>>

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User Review
  • Good! I have many large PDF files to handle. This software helps me easily separate these files into small PDF files as I need.
    -- Jones
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  • This software solves a big problem for me that it helps me to cut my PDF papers as the way I need. Very satisfied!
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  • It removes my headache of extracting pages from PDF. Just what I need. Thanks!
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Why Choose This Software?

To make you easily access, manage and distribute large-sized PDF file, Amacsoft launched the PDF splitting software, which is the best and most professional tool to provide you with powerful function of splitting multi-page and large sized PDF file into several smaller ones. This software enables you to separate PDF file by every n page(s), certain page range or averagely by n page(s), without help of any Adobe product supported.

Multiple Splitting Modes are Available

* Split by every n page(s): You are allowed to separate target PDF to several small PDF ones with n page(s) respectively.
* Split by page ranges: By typing the PDF page number, you can only split some specific page ranges from one PDF. The rest pages can be combined to a new PDF file. And you can also remove this useless PDF pages before the PDF splitting.
* Split averagely to n PDF files: Split a multi-page PDF file averagely to n PDF files.

Effective Adobe PDF Splitter for Multipurpose

* Over-weight PDF can lead to a failed emailing or distribution. Therefore, it is quite necessary to cut a big sized PDF to ease the sharing burden.
* Receive a large PDF file but find many useless or repetitive page in it? This PDF separater can help you remove your unwanted pages from the PDF file easily.
* Find some interesting pages from a PDF file and want to extract them out for collection? With this software, you can extract specific pages you want exactly from the whole PDF file.

Preview Aforehand & High Quality Preserving

  • Preview before Cutting

Here is a Preview thumbnail window provided for you to view the PDF pages one by one so that you can easily select the pages you want and perform the splitting task accurately.

  • Keep High Quality

You can enjoy an amazing splitting speed with this program and it guarantees you the perfect output quality. It is a standalone program, and it can function normally without the help of any additional program, such as Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader.

Intuitive Operations to Ease Splitting Task

With advanced encoding and decoding technology, as well as a series of flexible operating options, this PDF Splitter assures you fast cutting speed and sound output quality.

* Multiple importing way offered that you can click "Add File" or "Add Folder" from the program interface to load the PDF files or the total PDF folder.
* If the target PDF files are all at hand, you can directly drag and drop them into the program to save your time greatly.
* Precise and concise interface design makes you comfortable while you're using this tool.

More Features

All Windows Platforms Supported Work well on Windows 8/7/XP/Vista/ 2003/2000/NT.
Multi-language Supporting Besides English, this software also supports Japanese, German, French, etc.
7*24 Technical Support For any questions, you can feel free to contact our technical team via email.