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How to Convert PDF to DOC Mac?

Nov 29,2012 16:27 pm / Posted by to eBooks Topics
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PDF is a commonly used file type for the transmission of different documents among different people. It is ideal for securing files thanks to its high level encryption standard. However, they can be difficult to edit, which can be vexing if there are either changes or additions that you need to make. To solve this problem, one can get things done by converting PDF to word on Mac. Here in this article, we will show you how to perform such a conversion on Mac.

With PDF to Word for Mac, a handy productivity tool for people to transfer PDF files to fully-formatted Word documents. You can easily get your PDF files transformed to Microsoft Word DOC documents. After quick and fast converting, all the PDF contents, including text and images, can be edited or reused with ease as Word format. The following is the guide to teach you how toconvert PDF to DOC on Mac.

Please get the PDF conversion software downloaded and installed on your Mac machine. It comes with the free trial version for you to experience its features for free. Windows version is also available and features with the same powerful functions as the Mac version.

Converting PDF to Word on Mac Steps:

Step 1: Import PDF files

Drag your PDF files into the program. And they will appear in the program as below. You can import more than one PDF files in the program at one time.

pdf to word conversion mac

Step 2: Customize (optional)

Visit "Page Range" section, you can customize the page ranges. The default options are All pages and Ms Office Word (.doc). If you want to change the default destination, click "Browse" button to specify another folder.

Step 3: Start the conversion

Click the "Start" button and wait for a little while, PDF to Word for Mac will convert your imported PDF files to Word documents in seconds.

Note: During the process of conversion, if you want stop converting, just click Cancle button where the Convert button is.

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