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How to Convert MS Reader Lit eBook to ePub?

Dec 10,2012 11:32 pm / Posted by to eBooks Topics
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Lit is Microsoft Reader ebook format. This format is not compatible with many popular devices such as Sony Reader, iPad, Nook and more. So you can convert MS reader Lit book to ePub format. This format is an open source ebook format. Many reading devices can support this format. But which tool can help you easily change MS Reader Lit ebook to ePub ebook? We give you some best and free tools in this article.

Change MS Reader Lit eBook Format to ePub

Solution 1: Use free Lit to ePub Converter

Calibre is a free book conversion software. So you can download this software on your computer. Add Lit files in this software and then click the "Convert" icon on the top menu to choose output format. Then click the "OK" button. It will quickly convert Lit eBooks to ePub format.

Solution 2. Convert Lit to the format of ePub online

Some online converters can also process this kind of conversion. Here we list some best online converters for you to use.

Zamzar - You can convert all kinds of files using this online converter. Go to this website and add your Lit files. Choose output format as ePub. Enter your email to receive download link and click the "Convert" button to change Lit file to ePub.

2EPUB - It can convert many kinds of files to ebook format. It supports to convert Lit to ePub. You can upload your Lit files to this website. Then set parameters like title, author and click the "Convert File to ePUB". You can download ePub ebook on this website in minutes. Very easy to operate!

Convert.Files - This online converter is also powerful to make conversion between all kinds of files. You can convert Lit to ePub on this website easily. Just click the Browse button to choose Lit files, set EPub as output format and click on Convert. That's ok.

Now you can convert Lit file to ePub with Calibre or some free online converters. You can also use these tools create other formats ebooks. If you want to make high quality ebooks on Mac, you can use the Mac ePub Creator to create ePub ebook from other formats files including PDF, MOBI, HTML, TXT and more. What's more, it can convert a bulk of files to ePub books one time to save your time. So now you can download it and try it on your Mac. It makes ePub book creating never to be easier. You can create ePub book with three steps.

Step 1: Choose the conversion type on the top menu.

Step 2: Add your files from which you create ePub book.

Step 3: Set destination folder and click the "Convert" button.

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