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Best XD Card Recovery for Mac

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I visited national service with my camera. The XD card was 2GB. I took more than 500 photos, but on the last day all the recent 400 photos were gone! How can I do XD picture card recovery to retrieve lost photos on XD picture card?

It is undeniable that XD picture card has become a perfect option to store photos we took. It comes with small-size, large storage space yet high compatibility with all kinds of card reader on the market. Thus, it is warmly welcomed by almost all photographer. However, the picture card also bears great risks.

There are so many situations that make you losing data from your XD card, and this is not the emphasis here. In this page, we just want to teach all XD users that how to find back your lost photos when your precious photos on XD card is lost. To reach it, you need a professional XD card recovery for Mac software. This kinds of program is simple to effectively recover lost photos from XD picture card by yourself. Just connect your XD picture card to a Mac computer with your Photo Recovery for Mac program installed, then perform recovery.

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Get Back Lost Data from XD Card on Mac Steps:

Step 1: Connect the XD card to Mac

Before beginning, first connect your XD picture card to the Mac then pick the target storage device. Please select one of the two methods to ensure that XD card you need to scan is well connected. Here we press "Deleted Recovery" option.

Step 2: Select the target device, then start the scanning process

A listing of partitions located on the drive or any other storage media discovered by the XD Card Recovery for Mac will probably be displayed. Choose the one which your lost files located. Click "Start Scan" to begin scanning for files.

Step 3: Find out the files and recover data from XD card on Mac

Discover the target data that you would like to recover. Click "Recover" to go on to destination selection interface. Or click Back to go back to the partition selection interface.

Now select or enter a directory to save the recovered files. We highly suggest you choose another directory that is completely different from the origin one, just in case it could eventually overwrite the origin data.

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