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Restore Data from Deleted Partition on Mac

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As a physically separate disk works as part of the physical disk. After creating the partition, the data stored in the partition before it must be formatted and assign a drive letter. On a basic disk, partition is called the basic volume, it contains primary and extended partitions.

Partition: physical disk part, its role as a physical separation unit. Partition usually refers to a partition or extended partition.
A primary partition is marked by: operating system using a part of the physical disk. A disk can have up to 4 primary partition (or if there are 1 extended partition, up to a maximum of 3 primary partitions ).

Like every other OS, Macintosh system also includes local partitions or logical drives including:
HFS+ (Hierarchical File System);
HFS (Hierarchical File System).

If partition table/boot sector is deleted or destroyed by virus, the partition will probably be invisible, in other words, you believe that you've deleted the partition and lost the data in that deleted partition. However, the data remains there, and they are just inaccessible, so that you will cannot find them. Partition Recovery Software for Mac module of Mac Data Recovery Software can analyze the entire hard drive and detect the deleted partition, after that you can recover data from lost partition on Mac.

How to Recover Lost Mac Partition with the Best Partition Recovery Software?

Step 1: Launch the program. Navigate to the "Standard Mode" and choose "Partition Recovery" on the main interface. From the "Lost File Recovery" mode you can easily Recover Deleted Files on Mac.

Step 2: Select the physical disk from the list by disk and partition and click "Scan". In this step, if your device is not be displayed on the screen, please hit the "Refresh Derives" button. On the "Select File Kind" drop-down list, you can choose the file type that you want to recover. The default type is all files.

Step 3: Discover the target data that you would like to recover. Click "Recover" to go to destination selection interface. Or click Back to go back to the partition selection interface.

The scan results will be listed with original name and path, while files for Raw File Recovery will be listed in accordance with file formats.

Select or enter a directory to save the recovered files. Please don't save the recovered data on the original location, it will cover the previous file.

From the above operation, you must have known that this tool is a single program and easy to use Macintosh data recovery software to rescue, salvage & recover your lost data from corrupt, lost or deleted Mac HFS, HFS+ Volumes. We offer 24x7 Support for our valuable & precious clients. Get it to try now!

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