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How to Recover Data from Memory Card on Mac?

2012-08-23 15:38:15 / Posted by to PC Utilities Topic
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Situation: Yesterday when I wanted to insert my SD card into my Mac, the system reminds that I need to format the card before I can continue to use it. I click the "Agree" and the terrible thing happens - All my files that originally saved on the card, such as photos, videos, songs, files and more, all of them were gone!!! Why? Can anybody tell me how to get them back? They are important to me.

Heard this before? There are many situations like this you might stumble upon at some point. If this comes, no problem. That you could recover lost data from memory card on Mac is simply since the lost data aren't actually gone, just marked as useless and the space it requires is reusable for new data. But keep in mind, the less you use the memory card from which you lost your files and you are going to recover them, the higher the chance of data recovery from the card on your Mac here. Because newly got files may overwrite the lost data.

To recover lost data from memory card, you should choose a professional data recovery program like Amacsoft Data Recovery for Mac, which could be a sensible choice that supports the files recovery from compact flash chip card, multimedia card, XD, SD mini etc. Most significantly, it's safe and simple to work with. Here also comes with the Windows version: Amacsoft Data Recovery Pro, which can help Windows users to recover lost, corrupted, deleted or formatted data from any storage device easily on Windows 8/7.

Free download the Memory Card Data Recovery for Mac below and scan the lost data.

download for macdownload for win

Get Back Deleted Data from Memory Card on Mac Steps:

Step 1: Connect the card to Mac

Insert your memory card to the Mac or connect the device directly to the Mac with a USB cable. Then run the Memory Card Data Recovery for Mac select "Deleted Recovery" option.

Step 2: Select the card for scan

There is a device list on the screen, select the file location and highlight the memory card. On the bottom menu choose the option to recover the data, inclouding videos, photos, music. Then click the "Start Scan" button.

Step 3: Start Recovering Lost Data from Memory Card on Mac

All recoverable data including audio, video and photo are placed in the scanning result. Preview and check those you desire and hit on the "Recover" to get them back.

What you need to give consideration is: Don't save the recovered data on the original card again, because new files will overwrite the lost data. If you have any data missing, you've still got the 2nd opportunity to scan and recover them.

download for macdownload for win

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