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How to Recover Formatted Data on Mac?

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Format is seen as the simplest way to make room for storing new files when we are using Mac computer hard disk, USB flash drive or external hard drive and encounter the insufficient rool problem. Usually format contains two kinds which are respectively high-level format and low-level format. Floppy disk only has high-level format while hard disk has not only high-level format but also low-level format. Low-level format is subject to hardware tracks, and usually done before partition and high-level format. But there is a problem along with the device formatting operation - Data loss issue!

Lost your precious videos, music, photos, documents, office files and more on your Mac computer after formatting the device? Don't panic! Data Recovery for Mac is an innovative utility to recover all your data from any volume or partition, which has been formatted. The software has been developed with many powerful algorithms to scan through the troubled drive and perform formatted drive recovery efficiently. What you need to do is just launch the software, detect the partition where your lost files and perform the recovery with 1 click.

The article is mainly talking about recovering formatted data on Mac. We also have the Amacsoft Data Recovery Pro, which can help you recover formatted files from various storage devices on Windows PC.

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Recover Formatted Data from Mac Hard Drive Steps:

Step 1: Choose the recovery mode

For formatting situation, Deep Recovery is recommended. So we select "Deep Recovery" mode.

restore recycle bin deleted files on mac software screen

Step 2: Select the file location and file type

The "File Location" window opens and lists all the drives/volumes in the system. Select the drive from which/volume you want to recover the formatted data and click "Start Scan".

retrieve deleted files from recycle bin mac source drive list

Step 3: Preview and Recover Formatted Data on Mac

Here you can see all recoverable files on the formatted drive are listed. You can choose files or folders to continue recovery. And then select or enter a path for saving recovered data. Click "Recover" button to start recovering formatted data on Mac.

click recover button to recover deleted files from recycle bin mac

We highly suggest you never to select a path that is located in the formatted drive that you're searched data from, in case it would eventually overwrite the source data.

And now, all data has been recovered successfully. You can review your recovered data and enjoy the pleasure that recovery brought to you.

download for macdownload for win

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