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Best Method to Restore Corrupted Data from Mac Hard Drive

2012-08-25 19:38:15 / Posted by to PC Utilities Topic
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Maybe you have met this? Click a file and get a pop-up window saying that file is corrupted? How would you react then? Usually, you may delete it. Yes, it is the best choice to protect your system. But what if the corrupted files are meant a lot for you? Maybe it is an important document sent from your boss, or it maybe a photo you took with your family. If there any better way to recover the corrupted files instead of deleting them directly?

The answer is yes! Actually there are numerous software applications out there for recovering corrupted or deleted files on Mac hard drive. But it's time and energy consuming to try them out one by one to see which is the best one. Why not have a try with Mac Data Recovery Software, which is an easy to use and professional Mac Corrupted Data Recovery, complete wizard mode interface allows you to recover your precious data from virtually ANY catastrophic situation in a breeze. With the ability to recover all the lost, deleted, corrupted, inaccessible data on Mac hard drive.

We also wrote a detailed guide as below to show you how to restore the corrupted files like videos, music, photos, documents, emails, etc. on Mac hard drive. If you are using a Windows PC, you can refer to Data Recovery Pro (for Windows 8/7) to perform the same data recovery process on Windows PC. Click the below button to get the right version of the software downloaded on your computer.

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Tutorial on Retrieving Corrupted Data on Mac Hard Drive

Step 1: Select a drive where your corrupted data located. If the corrupted files you intend to recover are on an external device, connect it to your Mac now. Then press the "Scan" button to start scanning for files.

highlight your drive to rescue corrupted files from mac hard drive

Step 2: At the end of a scan, Mac Corrupted Data Recovery will show an entire list of the corrupted files it was able to find. There are numerous methods to sort the results to make locating the particular deleted files you need easier. One of the ways is to type a keyword into the box next to the "Filter Options". If you find a file, but aren't sure it is the one you would like, you are able to right-click on it and choose "Preview" to view the file.

When you have selected your files, choose the location where you wish to store the recovered files and then click the "Recover" button in the lower-right corner.

retrieve corrupted data from mac hard drive

You can see a note of "Finished" when the process of recovery is complete and you'll discover the files stored on your Mac in the folder you specified. Congratulations, you now understand how to rescue corrupted files from Mac hard drive.

Tips: We highly suggest you choose another directory that is not the same as the origin one, in the event it might eventually overwrite the origin data.

download for macdownload for win

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