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Restore Lost MP3 from Mac External Hard Drive

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External hard drives are becoming more and more useful for various equipments and because of its advantages like easy to carry feature and large storage capacity, it becomes the first choice for people to backup and store important data. As a Mac external hard drive user, you may save a lot of files like videos, music, photos, documents and more on the drive. However, Data on Mac external drive will likely be lost because of various reasons, such as accidentally deleted files, missing/lost/formatting partition, re-formatting the drive and more. But don't worry, restoring lost data from Mac external hard drive is not difficult.

If you have stored lots of nice MP3 songs on your Mac external hard drive, but now you lost them due to above causes. Don't panic because here is efficient and easy-to-use Mac Data Recovery Software or Data Recovery Pro (for Windows 8/7), which is a powerful and easy-to-use External Hard Drive Recovery for Mac and Windows users. It recovers MP3 files that are unaccessible, lost or deleted from internal or external hard disk on Mac. Besides, this data recovery for Mac also recovers other files like MP4, photos, emails, documents, etc from any devices. You can check How to Recover Deleted Emails on Mac here.

Click the below buttons to get the free trail version of the recovering software. Since it comes with both Windows and Mac versions, you should choose the correct version of the software according to your computer system. The pictures in the following guide is captured from Mac version but the operations are appropriate for both Mac and Windows.

download for macdownload for win

Simple Clicks to Recover MP3 Music from Mac External Hard Drive

Step 1: Install External Hard Drive Recovery for Mac and run the application. It will launch the application main window. From the four choices select "Lost File Recovery" option to continue.

get back deleted mp3 from external hard drive on mac recovery mode

Step 2: Connect your External Hard Drive to Mac computer and choose the external hard drive which you need to recover the files from. Simply click the hard drive and the "Scan" button to continue.

Now the software will full scan your external hard drive. The scanning procedure might cause quite a long time, this will depend on your hard drive's size and computer's performance.

recover mp3 music from mac external hard drive - drives list

Step 3: Once the scanning procedure is finished, you could pick a file and preview it on the main window. You may even click the "Back" to return to the logical drive list.

Select the files or folders which you want to recover. You could press Command Keys to select multiple files, or press your mouse's left keys and drag a rectangle to choose multiple files. Then hit the "Recover" button to get back deleted MP3 from external hard drive on Mac.

restore lost mp3 from mac external hard drive

You will notice that a saving dailog could be activated, here you could pick a destination folder to conserve the files you intend to recover.

Do focus on that: Usually do not select your external hard drive to conserve the recovering MP3 files to prevent possible overwritten the initial data on your external hard drive. You need to save the recovering MP3 songs to a different seperate drive, as an example, an internal hard drive.

download for macdownload for win

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