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Transfer iBooks from iPod touch to Mac/Computer

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iBooks is a novel way for reading eBooks. Download the iBooks app from the App Store. Load up on books from the iBookstore. Take them to more places than you'd ever take a regular book. And right when you pull one out on your iPad, you’ll be pulled right in. It is undeniable that iBooks takes a new experience for your digital reading life.

These beautiful iBook files (ePub, audiobooks, PDF, etc.) are stored on your iPod touch. However, in reality, we usually share our resources with other friends or back up them in another device in case of uncertain factors. So we should think out a best solution for iBooks backup or add them to iTunes library, and sync to iPad, iPhone for available.

iPod to Mac Transfer or iPod to PC Transfer come here to solve your problem, it is specail created by our team for iPod touch users which can help you sync books with all formats to Mac/Windows computer or sync them to iTunes library fast and easily. After that, you can enjoy all iBooks files on other places as you like.

Backup/Export iPod touch iBooks to Mac Guide

Step 1: Launch this software and connect your iPod touch to the Mac. Then you can see your iPod touch on the desktop, an iPod touch icon with your iPod's name under it and in the left panel, the files or content items in iPod touch appears in the iPod list.

Step 2: Open "Books" library under iPod touch list. Select the certain files (ePub, audiobooks, PDF) and check them, then press "Export" button to start transferring iPod touch iBooks to Mac local folder.

Well done, you have exported iBook files from iPod touch to Mac with this program. Very easy, right? On your Mac, all the iBook files are displayed as ePub format for preservation. ePub titles can be fully compatible with iPad, iPhone and iTunes. So you can easily add these books in the format of ePub to iPhone, iPad and iTunes for enjoyment and browsing through.

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