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How to Transfer Camera Roll from iPod touch to Mac/Computer?

2012-02-19 12:10:45 / Posted by to iOS Transfer Topic
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The Apple press event planned for September 1 is expected to bring news of a new iPod touch for 2010, which could be called "iPod touch 4” that has finally seen fit to include a camera in it. iPod touch 4 lets you record, edit and share stunning HD video as you like. And because it is with you everywhere and you're always ready to capture every moment you like. So we can say that it really take users lots of new experience that never imagine before.

Here we will discuss an extra question on get camera roll files you record by iPod touch on Mac for available. You know saving lots of photos on your iPod touch will take up all the iPod space, so that you'll met a situation that you have no choice but to delete some important data to free up more space. Bad situation, right? To solve it, you can backup camera roll on your Mac completely.. So now just look up for a good program that can aid you much - Amacsoft iPod to Mac Transfer. With it, all your worries will be disappeared and just enjoy your colorful digital life with your iPod touch.

Note:iPod to PC Transfer is also here for Windows users choice.

Export iPod Camera Roll Files to Mac Guide

Step 1: Run the program and connect the device to Mac. You will see the iPod touch info such as Type, Capacity, Vrsion, Serial Number and Format, will be shown on the main interface.

Step 2: Firstly, click "Camera" icon under the iPod library list and look through all camera roll files are shown in the browser. Secondly, locate the camera roll files you wanna back up to Mac and check them without any loss. At last, click "Export" button in the top toolbar to transfer selected camera roll from your iPod touch to the Mac easily.

More tips about this program

Click "View files in list" button in the toolbar, you can see all camera roll files are shown in the list. (just words showing)

Click "View in illustration" button you will see all the files are displayed as image forms, this mode makes you quickly search for which files you search for. Save up more time for you.

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