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How to Read iTunes Books on Kindle?

Jun 14,2012 17:30 pm / Posted by to eBooks Topics
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Amazon’s Kindle Fire is likely to be the first successful tablet not sold by Apple, and there are several good reasons for it: the low price of $199, the convenient, portable size of 7 inches, and a rich catalog of books, movies and music offered through Amazon’s Web-based services. Therefore, many people will choose to buy it.

And the Apple iTunes is used for playing, downloading, saving, and organizing digital music and video files on desktop or laptop computers. From iTunes store users can buy and download songs, movies, books, TV shows etc. to use on a limited number of computers and an unlimited number of iPods.

So if we download or purchase some favorite books from iTunes store, how can we transfer these iTunes books to Kindle for reading on the go. The iTunes most of the books are ePub format, and Kindle can not support this format friendly. Therefore, to convert EPUB to Kindle format is imperative.

Convert iTunes Books to Kindle Format for Free

Step 1: If you download or purchase books from iTunes store, you need to sync these books to your iOS device like iPad. First, you have to Transfer or Backup iPad ePub Books to Mac.

Step 2: To convert iTunes books to Kindle format, here we introduce a free software - Calibre. It allows you to categorize all your books, convert them into different formats and upload them to your device.

Visit its official website and free download it, then follow the instruction to install it. Once you start up this free ePub to Kindle Converter, you are greeted with the homescreen.

Click the "Add books" at the top left cornet to import the EPUB eBooks which you have transferred from iTunes to Mac computer.

Step 3: Calibre is able to convert both to and from many popular e-book formats, including the major ones used by most e-book readers. To read iTunes books on Kindle, we need to choose "MOBI" format for Kindle. This is the best eBook Format for Kindle.

If you don't need to do other settings, directly "Convert books" on the top menu to start iTunes book to Kindle conversion.

Everyone knows Calibre supports a wide range of e-book readers, including Amazon’s Kindle. When you plug in your device, Calibre will automatically detect it and inform you whether the book is synced on both devices or not. You can set up Calibre to automatically sync any books that aren’t on your device or you can sync them manually.

Just so! For Kindle users, there is no doubt that this is the best way to make iTunes book readable on Kindle. Try it now!

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