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Retrieve Lost Photos from Nikon on Mac

2012-07-19 16:28:36 / Posted by to PC Utilities Topic
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Q: I posses a Nikon camera but recently the memory card is corrupted so I formatted my memory card and I lost all my photos on this camera. Anybody who knows what can I do to get back the lost photos to my Nikon camera? Thanks ahead of time.

It is undeniable that Nikon digital camera is one of the most famous digital camera on the market. It is warmly welcomed by all kinds of crowds. We all know that the more you using your camera, the high risk you'll face of losing data. So once you've found that you have mistakenly formatted your Nikon digital camera memory card, don't too worry about it, you still have a chance to find them back.

Actually there are various solutions to recover photos from Nikon camera on Mac if you are using a Mac computer. For instance, asking assistance from the friends around, but they also may neglect some details; visiting photo recovery specialist or agencies, but that might be a little cost. Here one professional and reliable method is Mac Photo Recovery, which can scan these areas and recover the lost photos from most of digital cameras, USB drive, Mac hard drive and more.

No any recovery skills needed. Powerful recovery ability makes it possible to recover lost images from overall image loss situations. Get this powerful program from the following link.

Best Way to Recover Photos/Pictures from Nikon Camera on Mac

Step 1: Connect the Nikon digital camera or the memory card to your Mac computer, launch this program and choose file place to scan. In this step you can search for photo, music and video files. Then press "Start Scan" button on right bottom.

Step 2: After scanning , it shows the preview of recovered files. On the left library, you will see several types of digital cameras, such as Nikon, Olympus (Recover Photos from Olympus Camera on Mac), Fuji (Recover Lost Photos from FUJI Camera on Mac), Sony etc. Select the correct model of your Nikon camera. And all recovered files will be shown on right window.

Choose and check the photos you want to recover, on the top window you can preview the photos to check whether it the right picture you need. Then hit the "Recover" button.

Step 3: A window will show you lets you set a destination to save the photos, please remember don't select the location as the original one, it will cover the previous files. Wait a moment and you can enjoy your photos on Nikon again.

Useful Tips for You:

To prevent photo loss from Nikon Camera you ought to keep your memory card safe and prevent it from corruption by maintaining the following points in your mind:

1) Don't turn off the camera once the picture is being written to the memory card;
2) Avoid removing memory card when the camera is on;
3) Card may also be corrupted when you shoot videos after the card is full.