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Recover Files after Mac System Restore

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A file is a collection of well defined data which is stored on your Mac or windows computer hard disk. But also in some situations the files from your hard disk could get deleted caused by software problems. As a regular Mac computer user, then you'll definitely have in mind the importance of file and you desire to recover deleted or lost files. You are unable to recover deleted files after restoring Mac system without needing third party utility software just like file Mac file recovery software.

To rescue files after system restore safely, a few of the important tips are mentioned below:

1) Download and install the Mac Data Recovery Software in a healthy Mac to stop again loss of recovered data.

2) Connect hard drive to a Mac from which you want to recover lost files.

3) Finally store the recovered files in a healthy storage device such as external hard drive, Pen drive, Flash memory card, USB drive, etc.

Get Back Files after Restoring Your Mac System

Step 1: After the installation, double click the desktop icon to run it. You will get the main screen, then according to the situation to select the recovery mode.

Step 2: Select the partition where you lost your files after system restore, then press the "Scan" button. If you have not found the lost files, you can select Deep Scan. It will take more time, but can find more files which complete folder structure.

Step 3: After the scan, you will see all recoverable files on the screen. From left file catalogue, select the item you need to recover, and all lost files will be shown on right list. Preview and highlight the files and press the "Recover" button to save the lost files on your Mac computer.

Now you just choose another location to save the recovered files. It's the end of how to get back files after restoring Mac system. So easy to handle, you can try yourself now.

By the way, back up your files before system restore is the best and cheapest method to stop your files lost. Thus you simply will not bother retrieving lost files after the Mac system restore done.

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