Amacsoft Text to ePub Converter

Enjoy Better Text Reading Experience by Converting Text Files to ePub Format!

ePub is the best format to read on various ebook readers. To get the best reading experience or publish TXT books, you can use this Text to ePub Converter software to turn plain TXT file to ePub book quickly and effectively. High-speed batch conversion mode can convert many TXT files in every conversion.

  • Turn plain text to splendid ePub book to obtain the best reading experience;
  • Great file quality preservation ability during the conversion;
  • Speedy batch conversion mode can convert a lot of files simultaneously;
  • Accomplish the whole process in a 1-2-3 step.

Supported OS: Windows 10/8/7/Vista, XP. Go Text to ePub Converter for Mac >>>

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  • It accurately converts text to ePub book for me. I am very satisfied with the quality of the ePub book. Worth my recommendation!
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  • A very useful tool for me! I can read TXT file comfortably on my iPad with the help of this converter. Works fast and very easy to operate!
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  • Simple and effective! I have changed all my favorite eBooks in .txt to ePub format smoothly.
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Why Choose This Software?

Text is a common file format that can be easily created and read on all eBook readers or other platforms. However, TXT is too plain that it can't satisfy all users' needs to read eBooks. What's worse, TXT tends to be impossible for readers to add any annotation or decoration. That's why, converting TXT files to ePub, an eBook standard format, is increasingly demanded for more and more eBook fans. Amacsoft Text to ePub Converter Software is just born for this.

Turn Plain Text to Wonderful ePub Book

To get a more comfortable reading experiece on portable devices or publish your text eBooks, you'd better change them into ePub format, which is the preferred file format for eBooks and has incomparable display effect on eReading devices.

* This Text to ePub converter software is specially designed to help you create ePub files from Text (.text, .txt) documents without any trouble.
* All process can be done with 3 easy steps: Add file - Choose output folder - Convert.

Great Quality Presevation in Converting

* This converter program is fully capable of preserving all original elements of the Text files so as to provide you with perfect display effects on your portable devices. Even it is unnecessary to adjust the output ePub file any more.

* There is no quality-losing in converted ePub files and no data of Text content is erased at all. After the file conversion, you will be surprised that all original hyperlinks, fonts, images, paragraphs, layout and more are preserved perfectly in the converted PDF file.

Enjoy Better Text Reading Experience

* It is very boring to read text files because it is plain and not swinging at all. ePub is the most widely supported eBook format for the largest number of eReaders and give you the best display effect on your portable devices. By change plain text files to ePub format, you will enjoy a completely different reading experience with the Text files.

* The output ePub books can be read on almost all popular portable devices, including Apple's iPad, iPhone and iPod, B&N's Nook Tablet, Microsoft Surface, iriver Story HD, Sony Reader, all kinds of ePub-friendly Android devices, Game player, etc.

Smart and User-oriented Conversion

Amacsoft Text to ePub Converter is 100% safe and standalone. There is no need additional software to support it. And this read-only software which won't change or modify any settings of your computer.

* Directly drag-n-drop the source HTML files to the converter and easily turn them into ePub eBook for reading comfortably on many ebook readers.
* Thanks to the batch conversion mode, you can efforlessly change plenty of text files to ePub format simultaneously to save your time greatly.

More Features

All Windows Platforms Supported Work well on Windows 8/7/XP/Vista/ 2003/2000/NT.
Free Lifetime Upgrade Service Register users can enjoy the service of free lifetime upgrading.
Multi-language Supporting Besides English, this software also supports Japanese, German, French, etc.