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How to Transfer Playlists from iPod to Mac/Computer?

2012-02-28 18:26:16 / Posted by to iOS Transfer Topic
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Have you ever met some situations and don't know how to deal with it on your iPod: Your iPod storage space is getting full and you want to find a way to transfer just the playlist from your iPod touch/nano/shuffle to Mac or Windows computer for backup. However, you tried but failed to use iTunes to achieve your goal, then you feel confused and don't know how to do it. Actually, things is not as difficult as you imagine, you can just use a simple third-party program to solve all your problems.

To make it easy for you to transfer iPod playlists to Mac and copy many other files from iPod to computer or Mac, Amacsoft developed a professional transfer tool for both Mac and iPod users. That's the Amacsoft iPod to Mac Transfer(Windows users please don't hesitate to click here). This well-designed program offers you a subtle way to transfer playlists from your device to Mac, save iPod TV shows on Mac, backup voice memos from iPod to Mac, and sync iPod stored music, movies, books, etc. to Mac with unbelievable simple steps. With it, you can do all things on your device as you like.

Now just follow our guidance below to see the detail operation steps.

Easy Solution of How to Transfer Playlists from iPod to Mac

Step 1: Install and Launch the Program

Download, install and start the above offered transfer program. Once you connect your iPod to Mac, this smart software will detect and organize it automatically. Windows users can run the Windows version and handle it by following the same steps on your Windows computer.

Step 2: Choose Playlists to Transfer

Directly go to the left catalog to hit the category named as "Playlists". All your iPod playlists will be list in the right panel. Then you can view and mark your needed playlists from the right window.

Step 3: Transfer & Save Playlists on Mac

Finally, you only need click "Export" to backup the selected iPod playlists to Mac. A few seconds later, you will see a notice which reminds you the export finished. Simply hit "Yes" in this pop-up notice to open the export folder to check the exported iPod playlists directly.

Tips: Once you want to backup all your iPod playlists to Mac, this great transfer tool also offers you quick access. You only need connect your iPod and go to the top "File" menu to choose the option "Export All Podcasts". Then all things will be done.

If you want to backup your iPod playlist on Mac iTunes, then just open the iTunes program on your Mac computer, and then directly drag and drop these files into the iTunes easily.